Anime has been in a craze lately and this is due to the concepts it portrays which not only fits the youngsters but also adults and grownups. These anime are watched by people all across the world.

These anime showcase emotions which are understood by each and every part of society and are loved by them. There are a lot of genres available in this too and everyone can find their own fit.


What is is one online platform that offers anime in completely high definition and everyone can access it easily all across the world. The user interface of this website is rich and very easy to access.

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The users can pick their favorite anime from the drop-down list which contains a whole list of animes and these are segregated in a list of genres which include Sci-Fi Adventure, Action, Vampire and Drama, etc.

The users can also choose their favorite anime according to the rating available and also the user reviews. This way you can find the right anime according to your liking.

Top 10 Best Masteranime Alternatives in 2023

1. Kissanime

When it comes to the most popular site to watch anime online, then Kissanime will be it. This site has the highest number of fans of anime and users as it provides almost all the best anime series for anime lovers. The content is in high definition and one can watch both subbed and dubbed versions of the anime.

They can also download the anime series for later enjoyment on this online platform. All they need to download is to register on this website and then, it is just a treat for all the anime lovers.

The online platform also lets you know about the new releases and also lets you know about its promotion. The mobile version of this site is also available which can easily be used by Android users.

2. 9Anime

Another great alternative to is 9Anime and the thing which makes it unique is that it has very few pop-up ads and the content is in high definition. The updates of anime on this online platform are real quick and one can know about all the latest shows available on the homepage itself.

There are numerous options and varieties available for the users to choose from. The user can also download their favorite anime or show from this online platform and one does not have to pay any cost.

The shows are available in English Subtitles which makes 9Anime, even more, user-friendly. This website provides you to stream content in high definition and also fast streaming. The navigation on this online platform is pretty smooth.

3. Animefreak

AnimeFreak can be considered as one of the most colorful anime watching sites among all of them. This site offers content in such a way that is closest to the Japanese style. The vast range of content it has to offer makes it all the more unique.

The type of content which is found on this site may not be available on others. The android application for Animefreak is also available on the app store so that it can easily be downloaded by the users and this makes it all the more accessible.

The content available on this platform is in high definition and it is available in alphabetical order so that one can easily navigate to their favourite show. One can also register on this platform to rate and comment on anime.

4. Hulu

This online platform can serve as a great alternative to This site does not only offer you anime but also has a lot of tv shows and movies available on its server in high definition.

One can access the content on this platform from any device which has a smooth internet connection. It is free of ads and any other interruption. One can find the best award-winning content here and can binge watch all they want.

5. AnimePlanet

When people are looking for an alternative to then AnimePlanet can prove to be an amazing option. This site has anime for users in different genres and it also provides the users to watch the dubbed versions of the anime. This is specifically for users who have trouble understanding Japanese.

The server has a huge collection of around 40,000 legal videos of anime. The database has a feature that also recommends what to watch next. This platform was launched in the year 2001 and has been popular ever since.

6. Horriblesubs

Horriblesubs is an amazing alternative to as it has a server which is hosted by third party users. This online platform has no advertisements and that means you can watch your favorite anime without any sort of interruption.

There will be no advertisement in the start or in the middle of your watching experience. The series of anime are specifically arranged according to the genre so that the users find it convenient to browse through their favorite series and also discover more of their type.

This site also offers its users to download the anime series for a later watch. This has all the famous anime series from Naruto to One piece and therefore, it is considered as one of the best options to watch anime online.

7. GoGoAnime

When it comes to watching anime online for free then Gogoanime is perfect as this particular online platform offers you to watch full-length anime movies and that too with subtitles. There is one more feature that makes this site even more special and that is that it allows you to select your favorite anime by ranking, reviews, and the latest episodes. This feature makes it even easier to access and user-friendly.

This is one of those sites which allows you to take anime suggestions that are based on the user’s reviews. This site has another feature that gives a short description of each anime available on its server so that you can know what the anime is about if it’s new for you. Thus, this site is a great alternative to

8. NarutoGet

When it comes to streaming anime online for free and also watching manga then NarutoGet is the perfect option for you. This online platform can be accessed from any part of the world and it provides a huge amount of content. All of this is for free.

It offers all the Naruto English dubbed, movies, and manage collections. It is a great alternative to Masteranime but offers some new features as well.

Like other streaming sites it also comprises various categories like Naruto, Boruto, Shippuden, Naruto movies, and Naruto dubbed, etc. Each category consists of various options. It is updated regularly to deliver you the latest stuff. All its features make it a stunning streaming website.

9. Anilinkz

When one is looking for an alternative to then Anilinkz is a great option as this platform has a huge collection of anime for all the anime lovers out there. The smooth interface is user friendly and the content is in high definition which is legal.

There are no pop up ads so the users can have a great viewing experience without any interruption. The anime available here are listed in different genres so that they can easily be picked by the users according to their liking and all of this is for free and one does not even need to register to access this online platform making it worth a visit.

10. Animeultima

When it comes to watching anime for free and a great alternative to, then Animeultima is the best option for you as its content is legal and the users can watch their favourite anime without any interruption.

The content available on this site is in high definition and varies from classics to new releases. The subbed version is available for free here and does not require the user to subscribe.

The interface is really user friendly and one can easily access this platform all across the world. This site has become very popular over the years and has proved to be a great alternative to as there are many genres available for the users to choose from.

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One can definitely go and watch anime on Master Anime but in case it does not work out then users can visit these alternatives and still enjoy their time streaming their favorite anime and binge watching them for free in high definition.

These are the best 10 alternatives to Masteranime. One can easily find their type and just click on it to watch.