A premature end to Maya Wasowicz’s karate career occurred last year when her hopes of competing at the Olympics were dashed. Her motivation and positive attitude are laid bare for you here. In just a few short years, she progressed from a white belt to a dark one.

She quickly demonstrated her dedication and hard work as a fast student. Her interest in the sport was piqued by the discipline and sense of community it provided.

Maya Olympic Dream Was Dashed


Maya Olympic Dream Crashed

Since the seventh grade, Maya Wasowicz has trained in karate. As a surprise move, she decided to try out for the Junior National Team in South Carolina.

As a member of the United States junior national team, she now competes on a global stage against girls her own age in tournaments all year long. Unfortunately for Wasowicz, the junior national team withdrew from the 2016 Olympics, leaving him jobless.

Karate in Brooklyn and Quickly Ascended

As soon as he arrived in the United States, Wasowicz discovered karate in Brooklyn and quickly ascended to the pinnacle of the sport. When she was 15, she moved back in with her parents and wore an American flag-emblazoned suit to train. However, due to injuries, she was unable to compete in the Olympics and had to give up her karate career.

As the head of the USA-NKF and a prominent karate practitioner in the state of Illinois, DiPasquale declined to speak about the probe. According to Wasowicz’s lawyer, David Lingl, the competition’s scoring was not tainted by his client’s actions. The USOPC has agreed to look into the allegations and has hired DLA Piper, an international law firm.


It has been revealed that the Canadian Olympic Committee has awarded $500,000 to 55 athletes, including some of the best karate fighters in the country’s history. The funds will be used to aid these athletes in their preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games as well as the Paralympics.

Athletes with a good chance of qualifying and doing well will receive the money. The money may not help Maya achieve her Olympic goal, but it has given her the assurance she needs to keep working towards her dreams.