The new phone that came out is known as the Motorola Moto Edge 20 Pro.  It is known to be an average phone by anyone who has used it so we decided to give it a go. Then here we are writing a review about it since many people will like to know whether they should spend their money on the phone or not.

Well to begin with we would like to say that if you have been a Motorola user and are planning to buy this one then you might, but if you have not been a Motorola user before then you might not want to start with this one here.

Motorola Moto Edge 20 Pro Review

There are a lot of specifications that the phone does not meet. It is on the best an average phone and in the very true sense of the word.

It doesn’t mean that it is not a good phone per se but it is not a bad phone either. It just works and if you are looking for an average phone then this might just be the one for you. The design is not that flashy and eye-catching either.

There are some good aspects and some bad aspects to this phone. Each of them are balancing each other out, making it the best average phone. Some of the pros of this phone is that they are easy to use.

It has got good battery life. The refresh rate screen is also high, which we did not expect it to be if we are being completely honest with you. The camera is also good with the periscope zoom.

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There have been some cons too. There is no wireless charging in this phone. The camera can be a little inconsistent even though the features and everything about it is good. Mono speaker.

So that’s it for the new Motorola phone. We hope that you consider all the other options before making a purchase. We are sure that there are better phones out in the market for the same price range or even a lower price. Do your research before making the purchase.