MRT is the abbreviation for Microsoft Removal Tool. The .exe stands for an executable file.MRT.exe is a kind of anti-virus program, but in actuality, it is an executable file that helps to run the Microsoft Removal Tool. It is mainly used to detect malware on your PC or Computer.

If this app found any kind of malfunction or malicious thing on your PC, it automatically removes that thing from your device. This tool was developed by Microsoft for their Windows operating system in 2005.Although, it is an effective tool but is not much good alternative to use in place of an anti-virus program. The good thing about this app is, it is completely free and easy to access.

If you want to know about MRT.exe then read this article to learn more about it.



MRT.exe File Information

Although Mrt.exe is not a Windows system file it is located in your Windows 10 in the C:\Windows\System32 folder with the size of 13,179,660 bytes. It can process all the programs and files of your PC and also manipulate them accordingly. Due to this reason, there is a 19% risk of technical security.

Despite the technical risk, it is good for your PC to remove any malicious software from your PC. But in case you are facing any issue due to this file, immediately uninstall it through Windows Control Panel.

Some Common Error Related To MRT.exe

If this file is in the subfolder of the Windows folder, then the security risk will be 86%. This file does not have a description like other files along with that it can be easily altered and operate the other applications and programs.

In case this file is in the subfolder of the user’s profile folder then the security risk will be 81%.

Best practices For rlResolving MRT Issues

Although you don’t get any problem with this application, here are some practices to solve the issue that arises with this application. So, whenever you get into trouble with this application use these ways.

  1. The important thing is to clean your computer by removing harmful applications from it. For this do scanning of your device from time to time.
  2. Do Automatic Update of your device.
  3. Uninstalling all those programs which you don’t need to access anymore.
  4. Do cleaning of your hard drive through these applications such as cleanmgr and sfc/scannow.
  5. Periodic backups are also a good thing to avoid problems with MRT issues.

If you want to know the process of mrt.exe on your device, then you have to use the following programs to analyze the progress of mrt.exe.

The first one is Security Task Manager and another one is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. The former one will give you detail about all the running applications along with hidden processes. Later one is used to detect and remove all the spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, and other malware. It also removes any tracker from a hard drive. So, use any of the given programs to analyze the process of mrt.exe.

There is another command that will help you to check the processes which cause a problem. This is resmon command, use it when you get a problem on your computer or device. Whenever you experience any problem with mrt.exe, first think about the last thing you installed or do on your device. This will filter out your problem and you can easily solve it.

Another thing you can do instead of reinstalling Windows is that use DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command. Through this command, you can easily repair your operating system even without any loss of data. Mostly when you do reinstallation, there is a chance of losing data. But with this command, you don’t need to worry about it.

This application is safe to use in Windows, but sometimes if this tool is in an active state continuously some viruses can copy its details. Once the whole detail is copied by the virus, that virus ultimately damages all your files. Such conditions will be going unsafe for your device. To avoid such situations you can do the following steps to check whether it is an actual file of mrt.exe or a virus.

The actual file of mrt.exe is stored in the system32 folder of Windows 10. If the file is stored elsewhere, that means it is a virus.Some Trojans and viruses make a copy of the mrt.exe file and harm your PC. To identify this check the digital signature of the mrt.exe file. For this, go to the File Explorer or Task Manager and then go to the MRT.exe to see its properties.

In the properties section, you will find the Digital Signatures tab. Through this tab, you will find the name of the signer, which is Microsoft Windows. In case there is another name instead of Microsoft Windows, that means that is a malicious copy.This is the last method to check whether your PC has an actual file of mrt.exe or not.

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We cover almost everything in this article which you need to know about this application. Through this article, you will learn a lot about the MRT.exe file and all other important points to keep in mind while having this software application on your PC. And don’t forget to share your thought and experience in the comment section.