If you are worried about how to activate MTV on your device. Then you come to the correct place. MTV gives high-level content to their viewers that they are always glued to the screen. MTV is available on all networks.

It provides the latest music videos, tv series, youth entertainment, and celebrity gossip and news. It is a youth channel that provides various entertainment content. MTV com Activate is a simple process on almost all devices.

It is so interesting that you can watch MTV with top streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, amazon fire stick, ios, and Android device. MTV consistently gives the content on cable TV. but the modern world is now more incorporated with streaming devices. So, they started giving their service to streaming devices.


If you want to activate that MTV on Roku, Apple TV, amazon fire stick, and android and ios devices firstly you need some time to activate MTV on your device. So, today I am sharing with you all the steps from which you can easily activate MTV on your device.

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MTV com Activate On Your Streaming Device

As the above few paragraphs have given the information that MTV is available on almost every streaming platform. This is a fantastic application that you can use for TV news, VIP news, TV shows, tattle, and many more.

MTV provides a huge content library that provides access to all its content. Their many shows like teen mom, catfish, teen wolf, and much more. If after the introduction of application the not sufficient for activation MTV activation.

For that, you should firstly activate MTV before using any of the streaming devices like Roku, apple tv, amazon fire stick, ios, and android. Each streaming device that I mentioned above need the expect you to activate MTV with the TV suppliers’ membership.

If you are not using then they can restrict some services from which can you video playback ultimately stop.

MTV com Activate On Roku

Always keep this in your mind like other streaming devices MTV is a free channel on the Roku. But cannot pick any content without a TV subscription. By investing in a TV subscription you can also enjoy MTV on the Roku.

You need some time and activate the MTV in your Roku device. So, you can enjoy MTV on your Roku device. Following are the steps from that you can activate the MTV in Roku on your Roku device.

Step1: Firstly switch on your TV followed by your Roku device.

Step 2: Connect your Roku device to your TV. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

Step 3: then press the home button on your Roku device and then click on the search button from the Roku remote.

Step 4: then search MTV on the search box.

Step 5: from the given results, use your remote to feature the Roku channel on your list.

Step 6: Then go to the MTV app follow the instructions for getting the activation code. When MTV is successfully added to your channel list then the activation code appears.

Step 7: Open the desktop or the mobile browser for going to https://www.mtv.com/activation.

Step 8: in the activation page enter the activation code.

Step 9: click on the still validate for going back to your streaming device screen.

Step 10: after some seconds you find that your streaming device screen is changing because the app is validated.

Step 11: finish. The process is finished. Now, you can enjoy MTV on your Roku device.

From the following above steps one by one, you can successfully activate MTV on your Roku device.

MTV com Activate On Apple TV

If you want to activate MTV on apple TV. then you should go to the app store and download the MTV application and secure an activation code. And then complete the activation process for enjoying the MTV content on your Apple TV device.

Following are the step of activation of MTV on Apple TV:

Step 1: Firstly open your device that is connected with Apple TV and go to the app store.

Step 2: Open the app store on the Apple TV.

Step 3: go to the search bar and find MTV application download it. If you have already downloaded the application so, can skip this step.

Step 4: After the download process completes install the app.

Step 5: Open the app and write the activation code.

Step 6: then on your desktop or the mobile browser open the link https://www.mtv.com/activation.

Step 7: After opening the link type the activation code on it.

Step 8: Choose your TV provider when they ask for a trial version if you don’t have a subscription.

Step 9: when the activation code validates the process finish. Now you can watch MTV on your Apple TV.

From the following above steps, you can successfully activate MTV on Apple TV.

MTV com Activate On Android TV

Feel lucky if you have an android TV because you can watch MTV deliver its content on a local android TV application for making things simple for the users. The easiest way to watch MTV on android TV is direct.

Just get the code and open the website and enact your device. Follow the given steps to activate MTV on Android TV:

Step 1: switch on your android tv and go to the google play store.

Step 2: go to the search bar and search MTV.

Step 3: Then go to the app and download the app.

Step 4: After the download is finished install the app and get the activation code.

Step 5: then open the given link in your browser https://www.mtv.com/activation.

Step 6: after the link is open type the activation code on it.

Step 7: After approval of your activation code select your TV provider and give all the information asked on the screen.

Step 8: when the process is completed. then go to your android TV screen wait for a few seconds and then the application generates the entire library of MTV.

Step 9: finish. Now you can enjoy the MTV content on your Android TV.

By following, all the steps above you can successfully activate MTV on your android device.

MTV com Activate On Amazon Fire Stick

The process of activating MTV on amazon fire stick is very similar to the Roku or Apple TV. for this you need a TV provider’s subscription.

Following are the steps form that you can activate MTV on Amazon fire stick:

Step 1: open your amazon fire stick device.

Step 2: with help of your remote navigate app menu.

Step 3: in the app tab search for the MTV application.

Step 4: Download the application.

Step 5: After downloading the app is complete then install it.

Step 6: When the installation is complete the launch the app and activation page appears.

Step 7: Then go to the given link from your browser https://www.mtv.com/activation.

Step 8: enter the activation code and click on the continue button.

Step 9: then select your TV provider and fill in all the necessary information.

Step 10: now return to the amazon fire stick screen and you can watch MTV on it.

Step 11: finish. Now you can watch the content of MTV on your amazon fire stick.

By following the above steps you can activate MTV on your Amazon Fire Stick.

MTV com Activate On Android & iOS Devices

If you want to watch MTV on your android and ios devices then you do not need activation. But you need the TV provider’s subscription. Without the Tv provers subscription, you can not access the content of MTV.

Simply you can download and install the MTV app on your android phone, tablets, iPhone, iPad, and ios devices. But there are some geographical restrictions to the app. You can not watch the channel in that territories where MTV  doesn’t available from the TV.

Following are the steps from that you can access MTV on your android and ios devices:

Step 1: go to the google play store.

Step 2: type MTV on the search bar and download the app.

Step 3: Install the app and launch it.

Step 4: Follow the instruction on the screen and also select your TV provider’s subscription.

Step 5: Finish. Now you can watch MTV on your android and ios devices.

In android and ios, there is no need for the activation process. Without going through the activation process you can easily watch the content of MTV. but you need a TV provider subscription. From the following above simple steps, you can watch MTV without activation on your android and ios devices.

Are You Able to Watch MTV Without a TV Provider Subscription?

The simple and the short is no. there is some trial offer available on the streaming device but they don’t allow access to the whole library on MTV. you can access only a small part of the huge content of the library.

So, the TV provider subscription is mandatory for viewing the whole library of MTV. If you have a TV provider subscription you can watch either on TV or on any streaming device. Various streaming devices offer this service like Philo (free trial*), Hulu, Sling TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, Video, and DIRECTV STREAM Now.

These web-based features permit you to watch MTV on streaming gadgets, laptops, iPad,  iPhone, cell phones, and the online. Without a subscription, you can access the free trial service with limited accessibility. You can start with the trial after that if you want you can sign up with the TV provider.

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MTV has many popular shows like true life, I used to be fat, wild boyz, and many more. It is one of the best entitlement channels for youth. MTV is the hottest buzz for entertainment.

If you don’t interested in watching on TV then you can easily access it by using the above simple steps on your streaming device. From this, you can add the content to your streaming platforms library and improve your entertainment experience.