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If you want to conduct all of your everyday duties safely, keep your Windows 10 security features updated at all times. As a result, you should always use an antivirus application, enable firewall protection, and update your web browsers to the most recent version possible.


The err cert authority invalid error, which appears with the err cert authority invalid error, is the most prevalent warning associated with network connections that aren’t properly secured. Error: Your connection is not private.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re about to visit a dangerous website; it could simply be a common error from your browser or the Windows 10 operating system. These websites may lack an SSL certificate, the certificate may be out of date, or the server may have established credentials or certificates that your web browser cannot trust.

However, the err cert authority invalid error is sometimes nothing more than a bug – you can get it on any website or on any page that you know is secure. Because this error notice appears most frequently when using Google Chrome, we’ll concentrate on the troubleshooting instructions for that browser.

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How to I fix Err_cert_authority_invalid error in Chrome?

1. Check Date and Time settings

Chrome and all other web browser clients will only let you view webpages if the Date and Time are set correctly as a security safeguard. You need to double-check your date and time settings.

If you roll back the time or date on your Windows 10 machine for some reason, you’ll get the err cert authority invalid error every time you try to access a page over the Internet.


This means that the date and time settings in your browser are immediately synced with those on your computer, and they must match (the different time zones do not affect this).

As a result, you should begin the troubleshooting process by appropriately setting the date and time on your device.

2. Adjust antivirus settings

In the case of BitDefender:

  1. Select Privacy Control from the drop-down menu under Settings.
  2. Toggle to the Antiphishing tab.
  3. Set Scan SLL to Off after that.
  4. Depending on your BitDefender version, you may need to do something like this instead: Turn off Scan SSL by going to Protection, Web Protection, and Web Protection.

AVAST requires the following:

  1. Select Active Protection from the Settings menu.
  2. Then select Web Shield and Customize.
  3. Uncheck the checkbox to disable HTTPS scanning.

In the case of Kaspersky:

  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Select Network Settings from the Extend menu.
  3. There should be various options connected to the SSL scan available from there.
  4. Select the option that allows you to navigate across all browsers.

3. Disable extensions on Chrome and reset settings

  1. Open Chrome and select the Menu option from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Extensions from the More tools menu.
  3. Restart Chrome after turning off all installed extensions.
  4. Return to Settings and select Show Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.
  5. You must select Cookies and other site data from the right pane under Privacy and security.
  6. Uncheck the option to send a Do Not Track request based on your internet traffic.
  7. After you’ve completed all of the following adjustments, restart Google Chrome.
  8. This instruction will help you fix Chrome if it becomes stuck.

4. Clear history on Chrome

  1. Go to Chrome’s settings page.
  2. Select Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Clear Browsing Data is the option to choose.
  4. clear browsing information
  5. Select the fields from the list in the pop-up that appears, and then select Clear browsing data.

5. Assign DNS Settings

  1. To get to Network and Sharing Center, click the Cortana symbol and type in Network and Sharing Center in the Search box.
  2. Then select Change Adapter Settings from the left sidebar.
  3. Select Properties from the right-click menu of the currently active Adapter.
  4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 from the drop-down menu, then Properties.
  5. Make a click on Use the following DNS server address and type, correspondingly to access Google’s Public DNS servers:
  6. Restart your Windows 10 system after applying the settings.

FAQ: Learn more about Google Chrome

  • What is the solution to Net:: Err cert authority invalid?
  • Your antivirus software’s HTTPS/SSL scanning feature must be turned off.
  • What can I do if your connection isn’t secure?
  • you may clear your cache and change your DNS server.
  • What is the best way to fix an SSL problem in Chrome?

To clear the SSL state, go to Google Chrome’s settings and select Clear SSL state.

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Err cert authority invalid on the internet Connections that are not secure cause the Windows 10 error message. The simplest solution to resolve the connection, not private error notice is to switch to a more secure browser.

To disable some extensions that may be causing the net::Err cert authority invalid problem, utilize our solution. Adjusting your antivirus settings, as mentioned in the answer below, is another way to fast solve it.

The ERR CERT AUTHORITY NET::ERR CERT AUTHORITY NET::ERR CERT AUTHORITY_ If you can’t figure out what’s producing the INVALID problem, it can take a long time to fix. Furthermore, if your visitors notice it, it may affect both your traffic and your reputation.

The good news is that the majority of fixes are quick to implement. To begin, make sure your SSL certificate is current and valid, then conduct some simple troubleshooting steps like restarting the website and emptying your browser’s cache.

You can then proceed to more involved solutions, such as erasing your SSL state and conducting an SSL server test. Thanks for read the our article. Enjoy the your day! Happy reading!