Nvidia is amazing and making a lot of progress in the Chinese market as a chipmaker. We know about the chip shortage that had been going on since 2021. Among all this, the rise of electric cars has been going on full force in the China subcontinent. So it is evident that some of the carmakers in China are turning to Nvidia for the supply of the chips.

They are taking on a market that is in competition with Tesla so it is indeed important for the matter that they have a good supply of the chips for the electric cars that they are making.

Nvidia Is Getting Success In China

Chinese start-ups Xpeng and Nio are using the Nvidia Drive Orin chip in their latest cars. They are good car makers that you might or might not have heard the names of in the country of China. So we are seeing Nvidia be making a huge amount of profit out of all this. Nvidia had been going on ahead and promising autonomous driving.

“For a Chinese EV company, as well as for a globally reached outlook, there is not much to match what Nvidia can offer,” said Bevin Jacob, who is also known to be a partner at Shanghai-based investment and consulting firm Automobility.

It makes it pretty clear that Nividia is making some good moves, and they are making a lot of profit out of business too. That works out well for them.

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We are personally here for all of this. We have been looking forward to a stable place where the problem of the chip supply and shortage will be gone.

We have all envisaged the future where electric cars are run by everyone, so this might be the first step to that. That is all that we have for now. Take care of yourself, guys, and keep your eyes on the news.