OCR is an acronym for Optical Character Recognition, which is a tool that helps in the conversion of handwritten text or text from images in a more understandable format that machines can interpret. In other words, it is known as a tool for converting information in the machine-encoded text.

Optical Character Recognition identifies and obtains text from documents, photos or images through scanning them. It can also extract data from PDFs and make it easier to understand and edit within.

The overall purpose of OCR software is to convert information into machine-readable text data for better understanding and for editing or sorting of information. It is a method used for modifying or editing documents that are in complex or handwritten form in easy to manage way.

When you store some information as hardcopy such as on paper, it is not easy for you to modify it on regular basis or change something in it.

It requires a lot of resources and time, which can be saved by using OCR software that will convert the data in that format that is easy to modify and which does not require much time or energy.

OCR software can also be used in cases when you need to extract information in form of tables from PDFs, or extracting texts from images or PDFs and also from those file formats that are not editable. It is generally used in business for scanning and processing invoices, receipts, or other valuable data from the traditional manual process.

OCR technique also helps the business is expanding and growing digitally. This saves a lot of time that may be spend on data entries or manual verification processes. Resources are also saved as business activities can go paperless thus saving the cost spent on stationery.

Errors and delays can also be avoided as the whole process will efficiently fit with the organizational workflow.

In today’s era of modern work culture and digital business, OCR is needed almost at every level in the enterprise. OCR can help the business in the text to speech services, key data, and machine translation, pattern recognition, or handling automated data entry.


7 Best OCR Software (Windows/Mac) In 2024

Modern Optical Character Recognition software is fast and accurate. They can extract data from almost any type of file format or from poorly scanned files, handwritten texts, and low-quality images. This helps the business to go paperless and gives them a cloud-based digital solution.

Many of the OCR software can convert scanned documents, PDFs or images in xml, xlsx or csv files. You can select the best OCR software according to your need and choice preference. Some of the best OCR software that is available currently is mentioned below.

1. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is OCR software that functions well with both the operating systems Windows and Mac. This app allows its users to convert any type of image or documents including photos, scans, or PDF files into such formats that the user can easily edit. Through its version 11, you can save files in DjVu format. Version 14, one of its recent updates, can recognize texts in almost 192 languages.

2. OmniPage

OmniPage supports conversion of all the type of documents into editable PDF format or MS Word format as per the user’s preference. This app is considered the fastest and most accurate one among all other OCR software.One of its basic features is that it only supports Windows operating system and is very easy to use. You will get multiple document support with its subscription. Its annual subscription pricing starts from $120.

3. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another type of Optical Character Recognition software that can convert almost any type of file format into PDF form. Its attractive feature is that it currently supports over 300 file formats and it functions well with both, Windows and Mac operating systems. Its annual subscription fee is $110 but you can access several PDF services it offers for free.

4. ReadIRIS

It is one of the most efficient OCR software that is generally used for document scanning services. It performs all of its features with high accuracy and efficiency. Some of its primary features are that it supports page files in 50 different formats and supports business card recognition for its users. Only devices having Mac operating system can use this OCR software.

5. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is one the most liked Optical Character Recognition software across various businesses and users. It supports both the operating systems Windows and Mac.

It can easily extract data and information from paper, photos, images and it also supports the PDF format. Its features include custom fonts means you can modify the information in your own desired font. Its yearly subscription costs around $230.

6. Boxoft Free OCR

Boxoft Free OCR app can extract data from almost any kind of image and performs every task with high accuracy. It is very easy to operate and it works efficiently. You can easily convert the scanned paper documents into an editable format that is simpler to modify and understand.

It supports different languages including French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and many others to attract users from across the world. The only drawback of this software is that it cannot extract information from handwritten notes but it works absolutely fine with printed documents.

7. PDF element 6 Pro

PDF element 6 Pro OCR software works with Windows, Mac, and Android as well. You can easily convert the images or scanned PDFs in formats like MS word, MS Excel, texts and even in HTML form. It is considered as a professional PDF editor with amazing editing features. Is also helps in improving the productivity of the user by editing the office documents.

It supports different languages such as English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese. It is considered to be a good alternative of Adobe Acrobat OCR software.

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You will always be in need to convert data from hardcopy to softcopy copy for easy editing purposes. This OCR will help you immensely.

Not only for conversion of files but also for modifying the data at ease, Optical Character Recognition software is always in need. These are the best OCR software that are widely used and that supports Windows and Mac operating system devices.