Today we brought to you a new age Online Video Marketing guide with industry examples. Making videos seems like a daunting task when you look at it as a marketing tool. Companies that are on the fence about video marketing are often skeptical about their return on investment.

New Age Online Video Marketing With Industry Examples

With the innovation in online tools, making videos is as simple as a drag and drop service. Simple videos can be used to replace mundane text and image posts. Platforms like InVideo come with pre-set templates and options to create videos in less than five minutes.

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Understanding Video Efficiency

Before we dive into the tricks of the trade, let’s understand why online video marketing is such a beneficial space for your business. Videos make up more than seventy per cent of the entire content that is uploaded each day. Close to 99% of all marketers recommend the use of videos in their campaigns.

In the year 2020 and the years to follow, more than 95% of the marketing heads claim to invest more time and money into video content creation. There is reliable data to prove than more than 50% of the internet users bought a product influenced by watching a video.

Having video content has wholesome advantages. Your website is 53 times more likely to hit the front page of a Google search if it has authentic and relevant video content.

Why Video Marketing Works

Why Video Marketing Works

This barrage of statistics should be adequate to convince you that video marketing is the way forwards. Videos are a way of life now; this quality has made youtube the second most used search engine after Google.

If we approach this practically – when in doubt about how to make a video, would a user read an instruction booklet, or search for an online video? Video content is both an audio and visual media making it a go-to alternative. Click here to more about how to make a video.

Even on social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, videos are the top choice. They rank higher, get better reactions, and lead to higher lead conversion. In the last TechCrunch, we learned that over eight-billion videos are played a day on Facebook alone. Despite Facebook not being a dedicated video platform.

New Age Online Video Marketing

While videos are flooding the internet, there is a need to stand out from the clutter. The best way to get your brand to flow above the rest is by doing things differently. We will address three of the most prominent executions of recent times that you can seek inspiration and adapt.

1. Subtle Influencer Collaborations

Subtle Influencer Collaborations

The influencer market is not a new concept. But the way to progress has changed by leaps and bounds. Campaigns that have an influencer blandly endorse a product will lead to little or no authentic leads.

As the online market grows, the viewers are aware of paid content too. There is even a detailed guideline by the Federal Trade Commission that states that all paid content must be portrayed honestly and cannot share false messaging.

Subtle and creative collaboration is the way forwards. You do not expect your influence to merely endorse your brand, but they must produce content around it. Use the influencer as a tool to highlight the qualities of your product. This must be done in a way that it appeals to his/her userbase.

Industry Example: The best example in recent months is a collaboration between the Tech-Youtuber Marques Brownlee and the automobile manufacturer, Buick. Buick sent the Youtuber a brand new Encore GX car in a large box, and the influencer did the unboxing of a vehicle. Unusual, yet catchy.

2. Putting Your Product To Practical Use

Marketing aims to spread awareness about the products. And what better way to do this than putting it to practical use. Your video marketing plan can showcase your products in the most extraordinary ways.

A simple product video, with animations and text-design, will sound information but will not captivate an audience. To create a lasting impact in the minds of the viewer, the real features of a product should be amplified with high-quality videos.

Industry Example: If there is one company that has mastered this domain of video marketing, it is Go-Pro. Their video titled “GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten” on youtube was a massive game-changer. Watching a fireman save a cat is a very endearing video, but filming it on a GoPro highlighted the rugged characters of the brand and its product.

3. Creative Product Launch

Creative Product Launch

Live streams are another limb of video marketing that goes very unnoticed. Live streams might be the ‘new normal’ now, but this is a handy marketing tool. We have seen the impact of live-stream in sporting events for generations; marketers have finally found a way to leverage this tech.

Video launch of your products on a live stream or pre-launch videos are a great way to build anticipation for your products. The main product launch can be a larger-than-life live online event. But leading up to the launch, use online videos to produce subtle trailers.

Industry Example: Companies like One-Plus and Apple do this impeccably with product videos leading up to the launch date. They publish videos that only reveal noteworthy aspects of the phone to stir up curiosity. In the year 2020, Apple took it a step further by holding the ‘Worldwide Developers Conference,’ which is their annual product reveal, with a video.

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While we only brushed on three new-age online video marketing ideas, these should be a catalyst to spark more exciting plans for you. You can also produce creative flips on simple videos like product demos, instruction videos, and video testimonials.

Some brands choose to trigger an emotional reaction from a video, while others decide to educate and inform. The only way to ideally leverage video marketing is by being original, relevant, and consistent.

Lastly, think outside the box. Seeing a volume of great content ideas does not mean you need to draw influence and replicate the ideas. Influence is just a trigger. Take and idea and find a way to make it your own – in a way where it adds value to your brand and the people who follow you.