A virtual data room is a must-have solution for many businesses. The VDR you use should meet the particular requirements of your business and offer a specific set of features.

Sometimes it is a tough task to choose the right software because you should do web research, check feedback from other users, test trial versions of the soft, etc. Here, you can check the info that may help you find the best data room provider.

Though you can find a lot of VDR providers on the market with various sets of features, there are three top-notch ones that you can use in almost any type of business.

  1. This software is widely used in all areas of business: real estate, healthcare, fundraising, etc. It also allows you to carry out complex due diligence operations in a secure, simple, and fully controlled environment.

All requests are directly related to certain documents. The platform implements convenient and straightforward communication between project participants. You can join discussions, leave comments, create polls, and more.

Thanks to machine learning, you can greatly simplify the workflow: the system helps reduce in time the processing of all repetitive operations. If necessary, you can integrate the virtual data room with other applications thanks to a convenient API.

2. Compared to most online data rooms, iDeals offers a relatively complicated data room solution. At the same time, you can enjoy advanced features, store and share files in more than 25 different file formats, and so on.

This virtual data room offers customizable security protocols, role-based access, two-factor authentication, and SSL protocols. This helps preserve the anonymity and security of communication and file exchange within the system.

The interface is relatively simple, and it takes a little time to get used to it. Thanks to the bulk uploader, you can send more files to the internal storage at once. In this case, the system does not freeze or lag.

3. Clinked is a convenient cloud-based software that helps team members interact with each other, share information, organize conferences, and much more. The functionality of VDR allows you to quickly search for the necessary files, integrate with third-party applications to expand functionality, manage tasks, and much more.

Currently, you can boost your capabilities with Google digital products. Thanks to the collaboration tools, you can add an unlimited number of team members and third parties to the project. All processes can be managed centrally. Clinked also offers convenient official mobile applications for iOS and Android device users.


The Reasons for VDRs Popular?

The main advantage of a data room is that it is available upon request. This significantly expands the possibilities for the use of VDR. The other reason is cybersecurity. Currently, it is a key factor on which financial and reputational well-being depends.

Data Room for Your Business

With advanced encryption and up-to-date security protocols, VDRs are a must-have for most companies. They provide a fully secure interaction within a solid environment with no possibility of hacking and unauthorized use of data.

Also, VDR users can communicate and exchange data regardless of location as if they were in the same office room.

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Benefits of Using Virtual Data Rooms

The benefits of VDRs directly depend on their features. Since every provider tries to make its product unique, you should pay attention to the functionality of the specific virtual data room. Below, you can see the most common features, which come in hand in almost any type of company, business, etc.


This is the primary feature you should pay attention to. Most up-to-date VDR software implements the best security protocols, two-factor authentication, advanced 128 or 256-bit encryption keys, SSL protocols, and so on.

All this can avoid the possibility of data leakage or file corruption. Admins in virtual data rooms can easily customize role-based access mechanisms and invite third parties without any problems. It means only certain people can get access to a limited number of files and documents for editing or reading only.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive routine tasks. The system optimizes processes as much as possible, ensures the removal of duplicate files that take up extra space, and so on. In addition, you can use the quick and advanced search option.

This is especially true if you have hundreds and thousands of documents of the same type. In this case, you need to enter a part of the title of the document or openings from the content, and the system will show you a preview of this file.


A modern electronic data room can keep track of all visitors and determine who and how much time they spend on the platform. You can get an insight into what files visitors studied, what folders they opened, and so on.

This helps to get a full picture of stakeholders’ interests and tailor the strategic engagement plan. In addition, you can automate the collection of data on all processes within the VDR and format it into convenient reports with diagrams, tables, etc.

Mobile Compatibility

Current business realities are so that you should be available and ready to start working almost in any place. That is why modern virtual data rooms allow you to use web versions or upload mobile applications for devices based on Android or iOS.

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Where are VDRs Used?

You can implement data room services almost in any business. But there are business areas that can not operate without VDR.

  1. Technology.
  2. Investment Banking.
  3. Corporate Development.
  4. Private Equity & Venture Capital.