Polyvore was a very famous app that used to help users to plan their outfits by giving them the ability for creating collages of clothes, shoes, beauty products as well as home wear products. It also provided ideas to you for shopping.

In 2007, Pasha Sadri had created this site as an inspiration for having different plans of outfits for users. The followers of this site were many including fashion bloggers. Though this site do not exist anymore as its operations are completely closed down in 2018 after its takeover by SSENSE, which is a Canadian Retailer.


The Alternatives To Polyvore


To manage the void created by Polyvore a similar sort of site called URSTYLE was created which is a good alternative to it. It gives the option to style your sets. You don’t have to sign up or make an account in it to experience a go through of the styling. You will get a bunch of good options for making your sets.

The styling is for men, women and kids. Additionally, you get stuff for decors also. Frames and embellishments can also be added. You get all the filter options here like price, brand, popularity and date of arrival. You can add or delete things very easily.

Images of different products could be cropped as per required. Navigation is pretty easy here. You can like the sets of other people or message them as well.

2. ChicVore

In this site, you need to sign up using your email and after that you will get an invitation to it. ChicVore is a bit alike to Polyvore. Fashion artists and common users get an opportunity to spread their innovative ideas by creating different sorts of styles.

This site focuses on the user’s creativity more than selling stuff by the stores or shops. The data that was available on Polyvore’s site is been tried to be brought back by ChicVore’s founders for the users.

3. LookBook

LookBook is such a site that lets you know how your outfit will look in reality. If you follow the latest fashion trends then you can create your outfits from pieces and it helps you to know more on this. All the items shown are easily available to you through this site and then you can look same like it.

4. StyleBook

StyleBook deals with your day to day difficulties of picking clothes for yourself. Whatever clothes you own, you just need to click pictures and upload in its app, then it will help you to organize and match the items to wear accordingly.

You will also get to know which clothes are useful for you to wear every day and which are not. So, you can pre-plan all your outfits in advance. For travelling, you can then pack only the necessary clothes required as per your planned outfits. There is an option to create collages of the outfits and you can also share them through email.

5. Combyne

Combyne helps you to create your looks by helping you to select the items or add them. But it is a bit limited to some of the devices. Here the images are not at all manipulated and real look of the outfit is shown to you. If you go for any competition or some sort of contest then it will help you to decide your outfit. You and your friend together could make sets for yourselves.

6. Lyst

Lyst was founded by Chris Morton and Seb Trepca in 2010 in London. It is a combination of different fashion brands in one place. The leading brands and retailers are present in this platform. If you want to wear any fashionable outfit then Lyst will help you to track the different clothing items and manage them in a proper way.

7. Wheretoget

Wheretoget guides you how and from where you will get the look you want in real and the items required for that. It helps you to find the items you are looking for. If you want any item then you just need to ask from the online community by just uploading a picture of that item and they will let you know from where to get it from.

8. Outfits by Caldwell

If you have a confusion of what to wear then Caldwell will help you out with this. It helps you to know that what are the trending items and you can also plan your new purchases by sorting the things you already own. A collage of outfits are made by it that you are having and helps you decide what to wear for a week or so.

9. LiketoKnow

This app would be very much appropriate for young and new fashion bloggers who could get to know about the different styling ways and the various outfits from it. The users could be linked to this app to know more about the outfits they would love to visualize.

Fashion bloggers could update their blogs in the form of fashion diaries. It present all sorts of fashion products to its users also and has a name in the fashion industry. Its databases are always updated with new trends and styles that are going on in the fashion industry.

10. ShopStyle

This site assists you to style different outfits that you want to wear. ShopStyle is owned by Ebates and was founded in the year 2007. Over 14 million products are available here like accessories, beauty items, fashion outfits for men and women, home decors, and kid’s items. This site is open to all bloggers, fashion influencers, and common users.


After the shutdown of the Polyvore app, it has been difficult for fashion bloggers, influencers, and common users to find such a site that will help them to decide their outfits that are on a trend. So, you all need not worry as the best alternatives to Polyvore is listed above. You will really love these alternatives more.