Absolutely one of the most underrated new Netflix shows of the year was Pretty Smart. The sitcom was panned by critics, but loved by those who gave it a chance. An aspiring writer and rigorous academic, Chelsea headed the fantastic ensemble cast as she was forced to live with her vivacious sister and three zany housemates.


Pretty Smart Season 2 Release Date

The two cultures are at odds with one another. The comedy’s first season premiered in October 2021 and ran for 10 episodes, however it was not an immediate hit. With any luck, Pretty Smart season 2 will be approved because Netflix has a different humour policy than it does for its major hits like Stranger Things and You.

Pretty Smart Season 2 Release Date

As of January 2022, Netflix has not yet provided an official statement regarding the future of Pretty Smart. In light of this, the sitcom will not be returning in January, as indicated by the full list of new release movies and programmes debuting this month.

Forecasts for the Season 2 Premiere of Pretty Smart:

As of this writing on February 18, 2022, no definitive decision has been made, therefore it’s impossible to say when season 2 of the show will appear on Netflix. The show can likely be written, shot, and edited in time for a fall 2022 premiere.

If Netflix renews Pretty Smart for a second season, expect new episodes sometime in 2019, probably in October 2022. First of all, keep in mind that this is only a prediction and the season could go either way.

To the Second Season Cast of Very Smart, With High Expectations

No news yet on whether or not Season 2 will be ordered. A second season is not yet confirmed, but if it is in the near future, these performers are likely to reprise the parts that earned them critical acclaim in the first place.

  1. Casting Becky Yamamoto as Irma
  2. Lian Castillo as Dillon
  3. Sarahjeen Francois as Masseuse
  4. Jon Gabrus as Sauna Gary
  5. Felice Heather Monteith as Athena
  6. Alexandra Scott as Jane
  7. Stephanie Styles as Karen
  8. Walter Addison as Older Man
  9. Kyle Jones as Aaron
  10. Brian Kamei as Normandy
  11. Imani Love as Tiffany
  12. Duke Van Patten as Steve
  13. Angela as Alise as Elyse
  14. David Gridley as Topher
  15. Phylicia Wissa as Lizo
  16. Emily Osment as Chelsea
  17. Gregg Sulkin as Grant
  18. Olivia Macklin as Claire
  19. Cinthya Carmona as Solana
  20. Michael Hsu Rosen as Jayden
  21. Geoff Ross as Howard
  22. Kevin Miles as Dave
  23. Raphael Chestang as Michael
  24. Robert Belushi as Johnson
  25. Molly Ephraim as Margot Wainwright
  26. John Gemberling as Cody Briggs
  27. Logan Jennings as Kai
  28. Ming-Na Wen as Jasmine
  29. Jessica Pohly as patron
  30. Dante Swain as Peter

If there Were to be a Second season of Pretty Smart, what would it be about?

Claire (Olivia Macklin) ended her relationship with Dave (Kevin Miles) and embraced a new love interest, Grant (Jake McDermott), in the final moments of the first season of “Pretty Smart” (Gregg Sulkin).

They kiss just as Chelsea (Emily Osment) enters to tell their sister that she wants to talk to her about wanting to pursue a relationship with Grant, but that they need to make sure that Claire is okay first.

Can anyone predict the outcome of this complicated love triangle? When Season 2 rolls around, this will very certainly be the most pressing problem that needs fixing. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen in Season 2,” Osment admitted to Entertainment Tonight. Now I can’t wait to see it!”

Sulkin added that he hasn’t decided which sister Grant should be in Season 2. “Grant and Claire have this endearing naivete about them, but Grant and Chelsea have this actual growth and maturity.

Chelsea has been a great teacher for Grant… I’m happy any way the authors go because Olivia and Emily are such great characters.

Michael Hsu Rosen and Cinthya Carmona have gone on record with Entertainment Tonight saying that they support a wedding between Grant and Chelsea. That’s where we’re headed, for sure, but Season 2 will bring us plenty of family drama first.