Gaming laptops have become popular, all thanks to the rising trend of online gaming. Moreover, since the Corona Virus pandemic struck, everything has been halted. Business, education, and other industry have shifted from the traditional face-to-face service to online services; thus, there has been an increase in the demand for laptops.

In addition, as there is an increasing trend with online games, people born in Generation Z have embraced its beauty and made a passion and a career out of it.

Razer: Gaming For Gamers

As a matter of fact, due to its popularity, some games have been transformed legally into Electronic Sports, and it is considered a privilege if you represent your country as a participant. Of course, the prize you win is also huge.

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With this, there’s one common question circulating online. Which laptop and online accessories are best to use if you wish to enter this industry? Here are the products you can use for gaming, work, or education purposes.


Best Gaming Laptop

1. Blade 15.

One of the newest razer laptops model is the blade 15. Perfect if you are looking for a perfect computer with power in performance.

Equip with windows operating system 11 and a processor of core i9, it can give you up to 32GB memory with 1TB storage and a 3080 Ti graphics system. Plus, it is thin and lightweight with a cooling system that works especially during heavy use.

2. Blade 17.

Now, if you want a more upgraded version where all the beautiful specifications in different laptops can be seen in one model, then this one is for you. Blade 17 is not only a stand-out because of its 17 inches screen but also memorable because of its quality and longevity.

This pro model is powerful with an improved cooling system, especially when there is a demand for performance. Its thinner and lighter compared to the previous model. With its i9 12th generation processor, it delivers an outstanding performance.

Moreover, with its maximum 5.0 GHz power supply that supports your laptop, your task is done seamlessly. For its graphics, it has 360Hz with 3070 Ti. The product is also made from carbon fiber which is stronger than steel.

Laptop Accessories: The Best to Partner With.

Of course, if there’s a laptop, there’s a laptop accessory. One of the most common yet important accessories to be purchased when having a laptop is its mouse. It helps you navigate the cursor easily, but it will also help you lessen the likelihood of damaging your laptop touchpad easily.

One of the leading laptop mice approve by all is the DeathHadder. Not only it’s easy to use but also designed with perfection, perfect for a heavy task like gaming or when you have overtime at work. Below are the benefits of using Deathhadder:

  1. Mouse for Pro. The shape is designed for electronic sports and another heavy tasks. It’s light and ergonomic, ensuring the safety of hands and wrists. It is also medium and large, perfect if you have small or large hand frames: a design that is easy to drag and a split cover for clicking quickly.
  2. Upgradable Mouse. The mouse is wireless and upgradeable up to 400 HZ. Its dongle can be improved and has the most optimal speed and competitiveness.
  3. 30 K sensor. The mouse is created using the industry’s technology and the latest specification, including a 78g acceleration, 750 IPS speed, 38,000 DPI, and 99 percent accuracy.
  4. Smart Function. It contains a one-of-a-kind process such as asymmetric cut for lift and landing with 26 levels, smart tracking for whatever surface, and motion synchronization where no matter what position your mouse is, it’s trackable.
  5. Compatibility. with the smart tracker, the mouse can recognize the surface’s materials and can adapt to have a seamless use.
  6. Power and Flawlessness. Even when used on a glass surface, the power and flawlessness in using this mouse ensure efficiency when working.

Razer: Gaming For Gamers

If you wish to succeed in this highly competing industry, you must be equipped with the necessary materials to keep up with the heat and the battle. Without them, your journey will be cut off easily and will not be a success.

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Now with Dethhadder, a high-performance laptop mouse, you’ll have amazing use. Undoubtedly, your gaming experience will be at its best, and your soul will not be crushed because of the sudden lag and low movement you experienced with your old gaming mouse. Everything will be under control, all thanks to Deathhadder.

Armed with Deathadder and accompanied with perseverance, nothing will be impossible for you to reach your dreams. Thanks to it, your dreams can turn into reality, and you’ll be able to experience them and make a name for yourself.