Worried about having your personal information out on the internet for the whole world to see? The modernization of technology and the rapid speed at which it is advancing is both terrifying and spectacular. However, there is no need to turn a blind eye towards your privacy as technology and search engines such as Google advance to the new age. We all have done some embarrassing things in our life, the issue arises if yours can be seen and memorialized by the entire world.

And the question arises: how to remove info from Google search?

Google searches have become very informative and may present your details after crawling through various apps and websites. But you need to protect your personal information from nosy people, and even potential stalkers. Be proactive in your approach.

Remove Yourself From Google

Although it is quite convenient having all your important apps connected to one another, it’s also easier for scammers to find basic information such as your address, criminal records, marriage licenses, or court records. Even though this information may seem harmless at first it is a common instigator for identity theft.

Although it seems quite daunting to think about all your private details that might be on the Internet, we will carefully guide you through the process of removing your personal information from Google.

Before we get started it is important to remember that Google does not steal your personal information or gather it on purpose, the search engine simply searches the web for the initial name you inputted and then pulls up all possible results. There might be some people out there who have never Googled their names before, but that does not necessarily mean someone else hasn’t too.

Googling your name and viewing all possible results can be a determining factor to important events in your life such as getting a job, university admission or even a partner.


Steps To Block or Remove Personal Information

Now let’s break down all the steps needed to remove your personal information from Google.

1. Google Your Full Name

First and foremost begin by actually viewing the results that come up from searching your full name on Google. Start this process by first opening an Incognito Window in your browser.

Proceed by typing in your full name into the search box, make sure you add all relevant details such as your first name, middle name, and last name. If you do not find any particular information regarding your name (a good sign) but are still skeptical, try adding some additional information such as the city you live in, previous schools or universities, or the company you work for.

Once you have found everything you are uncomfortable with online, make sure you note or bookmark web addresses for the removal of your information.

2. Pictures Matter

Once you are done going through all possible searches it’s time to switch to Google’s Image Search to check if there are any unaccountable pictures of you on the internet.

Although this is also quite time-consuming it’s easier to spot yourself in a picture than skimming through hoards of websites. After you have found a few images that you would like to remove, immediately perform an “Image Search” to get down to the initial website that uploaded it. Here is a better explanation for doing an image search:

  • Copy and paste the link of the image after clicking on the “Camera Icon” in the search bar.

This will continue to show similar, relevant images on various websites. Images without text or additional information will still show up even if only your face is present.

Google is very helpful when it comes to removing images if they are inappropriate, pornographic, or invading your privacy. A simple request to their online services will help resolve the issue. The “Report Inappropriate Content Tool” will also aid in removing said images.

3. Location, Location, Location

Since its creation, online maps have helped individuals all over the world to get around easily. However, they have also made it easier for strangers to find your home and address. Through Google Maps and Street view, strangers can search and find house numbers and addresses without any problems. This can be dangerous especially for those who live alone.

Thankfully, Google is very cooperative on the matter, they are willing to blur all relevant important information (including images) regarding your home. In order to fulfill the criteria for removal of information associated with images on Google Maps, the image should clearly display your home, face, or other revealing information.

Proceed by clicking on the “Report a Problem” button, complete the form and submit it. A blurred photo will never be undone so be assured that your information is now safe from viewing.

4. Social Media Accounts

Keeping your accounts public is the easiest way for someone to find pictures, addresses, or other relevant information about you. To prevent the world from viewing all of your personal data you can begin by making all of your accounts private.

You can easily do this by going to the “Privacy” settings in your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another website you have an account on. You can also limit or protect your information from being shared with individuals who do have access to your account for extra security.

How to Remove Yourself From Google

Conduct a search for email addresses and phone numbers as well to view which websites have and hold this kind of data. In the same way comments on videos, participation in forums or blogs contain a history that can easily be pulled up if someone searches for your name. Bookmark all posts that you would like to privatize.

Take Control of Your Information

After following all the steps above, you might have found a considerable amount of your information drifting through the web. Take care of each site and account individually. Make use of Google alerts which will notify you immediately if your name has been searched for. Keep track of your online status and browse the internet freely!