Is Meghan Markle, who is already married, trying to woo Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams’ husband?

Tabloids have been spreading gossip that Prince Harry’s bride is becoming too cosy with the boyfriend of her best friend. An inquiry by Gossip Cop.

Report Meghan Markle Getting too Close to Serena Williams ...

When will Tabloids Stop Betraying Each Other?

According to Women’s Day, a “crazy blind item” circulating online suggests that the Duchess of Sussex is too affectionate toward Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and husband of Serena Williams.

Despite being dismissed as “unfounded rumour” and “absurd,” the magazine provided extensive coverage of the claims.

The magazine dissects the claim that Ohanian thought Markle was “hitting on him at the US open,” citing a website Gossip Cop identified as Foxella. According to reports, this exchange “created a breach” between Markle and Williams.

The magazine continued to milk the story by publishing images of Ohanian and Markle smiling and hugging at the 2019 US Open and used the photos as gossip fodder.

The news source may say the rumour “surfaced online,” but it’s not having much of an effect. Other than Foxella, the story hasn’t been covered by any other media outlets.

However, the magazine’s refutation of the tale is the only way the website’s lack of popularity would be revealed to the public.

Just So We’re Clear

Consider the possibility that the publication actually published the piece as reality. Markle’s friendship with Serena Williams makes it easy to assume that she and Ohanian are also good friends. In 2018, both Williams and Ohanian were guests at the wedding of the Suits star.

Ohanian and Markle sat down for an interview with each other for Time in 2020, a full year after the rumoured events had happened, and they discussed their respective marriages at length.

According to Gossip Cop’s investigation, Ohanian and Markle share the classic friendship that many of us share with the spouses of our good friends. There is no truth to the rumour that the two buddies are at odds with one another.

Faulty Evidence Even by their Own Measures

That being the case, why would a tabloid editorialise against a fake news but then use the same lie? Markle’s meteoric rise to fame in the United States after her disastrous appearance on Oprah in March may have much to do with the newfound interest in the facts.

Following her allegations of racism within the royal family, which she says led to suicidal thoughts and strained her marriage, the Duchess of Sussex received widespread support in the United Kingdom.

Perhaps the “Royal News” department was having a slow week if a magazine felt compelled to print such a non-story.