Errors are common in everybody’s life. There are multiples solutions for any problem; hence sometimes we can avoid having an error. These errors quite often occur in our technical world too.

Our internet explorer will sometimes pop up the message “Can’t reach this page; make sure the web address res://aaResources.dll/104 is correct” this makes us pissed off.

The errors become complicated if the user does not know the reason behind it or unable to predict it. It is even related to a virus or malware. Encountering an error while operating a system or software can be a perplexing experience, especially when the error message is cryptic.

One such error is “Res://aaResources.dll/104” which some users have faced. In this article, we will delve deep into understanding this error, its potential causes, and how to address it.

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What is Res://aaResources.dll/104?

This error message pertains to a specific dynamic link library (DLL) file, which, in the world of Windows operating systems, functions as a repository for executable functions.

These functions can be called upon by different programs, allowing for a streamlined and efficient operation. In essence, the “Res://aaResources.dll/104” is pointing to a resource located within the “aaResources.dll” file.

Causes of Res://aaResources.dll/104 Error:

There can be various reasons why this error crops up:

  1. Corrupted DLL File: The most common cause is a corrupted or missing “aaResources.dll” file.
  2. Software Conflict: Sometimes, two or more software can conflict, causing the error to arise.
  3. Malware or Virus: Harmful software or a virus might have corrupted the file or the system.
  4. Improper Installation: An incomplete or incorrect installation of software can lead to missing or corrupted DLL files.

How to Fix Res://aaResources.dll/104 Error on Internet Explorer

Let’s see the methods to solve the res://aaResources.dll/104 error. Just following the steps does not remove the error, but we have to be more attentive while doing the procedure. There are two methods they are as follows;

Solution 1 ⇒ Repair Corrupt System Files

This method is also used for solving different errors which are occurred due to installation, and we can easily solve the problem using simple steps. This is the method the same for different errors, and we have to follow the same steps to complete the task.

Our computers usually face problems when they have corrupted system files. To avoid them or repair the corrupted system files first thing we have to do is to scan our system using SFC tools.

To start this tool, we have to use command prompt option, then enter SFC /Scannow and press enter. We should not close the command prompt until it finishes the procedure. We will get a box with a message that our windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations; this means that our system is not corrupted.

If SFC does not fix the problem, then we can use DISM tools, DISM stands for the Deployment Image and Servicing Management tool. We should not interrupt the process of repair in between; it may take ten minutes or more than that. If this does not work, then we have to jump into the second method.

Solution 2 ⇒ Disable or Uninstall Amazon Plug-in

The other way to fix the res://aaResources.dll/104 error on the screen of internet explorer is to uninstall Amazon Assistant directly. It is the most efficient way to remove the error and follow the steps given below to do so.

Step 1 ⇒ First, log in to your PC and prefer being an administrator. If we are an administrator, then the whole process will become easier.

Step 2 ⇒ Then right-click and select Control Panel.

Step 3 ⇒ click “uninstall a program” under programs, and then find for Amazon assistant, select the application to uninstall the platform.

Step 4 ⇒ Go to “System and security” and open Administrative tools. After that, if you still find Amazon assistant, then go to properties and select disable.

Step 5 ⇒ finally right-click on “Win key,” and type SC deletes Amazon Assistant service command and press Enter.

We can also delete Amazon’s assistant automatically using the perfect uninstaller. It was developed by the Windows operating system to uninstall the unwanted programs and fix the programs.

How to Address the Error:

1. Run System File Checker:

The built-in System File Checker tool in Windows can be a life-saver. It checks the integrity of all protected system files and replaces incorrect or corrupted versions.

  • Open Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
  • The system will scan and repair any corrupted or missing files.

2. Perform a Clean Boot:

A clean boot ensures your system starts using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This can help identify if the error arises due to software conflicts.

  • Go to the System Configuration utility.
  • On the Services tab, select ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ and then ‘Disable all’.
  • On the Startup tab, click ‘Open Task Manager’ and disable all startup items.
  • Restart your computer.

3. Recover a Missing DLL File:

If a particular DLL file is missing, consider retrieving it from a trusted source or reinstalling the software that uses the DLL file.

4. Clear Amazon Cache:

If you suspect the error is associated with an Amazon application:

  • Navigate to the application’s settings.
  • Look for an option that says ‘Clear Cache’ and select it.

Is Clearing Cache of Amazon Safe?

Yes, clearing the cache for Amazon or any other application is safe. It won’t delete any essential data but might log you out of the application. Clearing cache can help improve the performance of the application and resolve minor glitches.

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To sum it up, the res://aaResources.dll/104 error is an involuntary action that occurs in every system, so to avoid or eradicate them, we have to use a few methods, as mentioned above. These solutions will make our system to work fast and with the utmost efficiency.

Even by following the above solutions, we can fix other errors also. But we have to be a bit careful while following the steps and the procedure. If something goes totally wrong process goes wrong, and it may lead to some other error, which is unpredictable.

Hence with little attention and concentration, we can permanently terminate these errors and make our system fresh, clean, and fast working devices.

Errors like “Res://aaResources.dll/104” can seem daunting, but understanding their roots and following systematic troubleshooting steps can help address them. Remember always to keep your software updated and maintain regular backups to ensure a smooth computing experience.