Sarahah is basically a social networking service. It was launched to give feedback to the boss especially by employees and workers anonymously. Now it is a popular anonymous messaging app where you can text messages to people without revealing your identity and also receive messages from anonymous people.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. There is no need for registration for giving the feedback on the application while for receiving messages you are required to be registered. With amazing features like you can post the Sarahah link on Snapchat, it became very much famous especially among teenagers.

In the age of digital communication, where every action can be traced back to an individual, the allure of anonymity grew. Entering this domain was an application named Sarahah, which promised users a platform to receive honest feedback, anonymously. Here’s a dive into the journey of Sarahah, its promises, its challenges, and its current status.


What is Sarahah?

Sarahah, translating to “honesty” in Arabic, is an anonymous messaging app that allowed users to send and receive feedback without revealing their identity. Launched initially in the Middle East, the app soon gained global popularity, especially among teenagers and young adults.

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10 Best Sarahah Alternatives 2024

Sarahah is very famous and so are many other applications like it. Let’s see the alternatives which have many more amazing features and functions.

1. Spout

Spout is a location-based app that allows you to anonymously chat with people. You can connect with the people in your area and also around the world by adjusting the location radius. As said by spout’s cofounder and CEO, “On spout, you can be yourself and interact freely with people nearby or around the world”.

The app is available in the Apple play store and Google Play. The features are fascinating such as Newest, Hottest, and Most Reply that you can use to explore the spouts. Moreover, you do need to give any registration details or personal information for using the application, rather you just need to download and start spouting.

2. Lipsi

It is another fine alternative to Sarahah. It helps you to send and receive messages and feedbacks without exposing your identity. You can chat with someone anonymously as long you want. Anyone within a radius of say 100 yards will automatically show up on your list.

You can reveal your identity as to when you want and how long you want to be anonymous. If you do not want your profile to look upon other people’s search results, it has a feature called Ghost mode that will make your account invisible.

It is free to download, while you should be over 18 years to use the app. Another important feature is that you can receive feedback on your Instagram posts. The app provides you a Lipsi link that you can add to your bio on Instagram to receive feedback.

3. Stupid Chat

It is an app that helps you to hide your identity along with giving feedbacks and have chats with unknown people. It is recent as compared to many apps and has amazing features. You create your own network without making your identity revealed.

Your privacy is strictly maintained in the app and your identity is not disclosed. It has amazing features and comes up with user-friendly services for the users. All the interesting stuff you like to do is done anonymously such as your private messages, sending and receiving images and videos, giving polls to your friends, and get feedback.

4. Swiflie

It is a social network application where you can share your thoughts and opinions freely without disclosing your identity. You can view the content and share your content with the people nearby. The platform is available for both Android and iOS users. You can follow other people and others can do the same anonymously.

The posts that are shared are there only temporarily and it is as per the convenience of Swiflie community how long all the posts should be on the platform. You can share and express yourself freely as the features are user-friendly and take command on privatizing your identity from others.

5. Whisper

It was launched in 2012 and supports both Android and iOS operating systems. It is social networking application where you can post and share your content including images and videos anonymously.

You are not asked any type of private details such as email addresses or phone numbers to join the platform. It gives a great freedom to share your secrets with anyone as you are in no case identifiable. The only way to connect with someone on Whisper is by responding to their whispers. Though, you can send your own whisper and use the chat function that is available.

6. Candid

It is a social networking app to chat with people anonymously. The users are required to select their interests and as per that they are suggested groups that the users can join. The suggestions also work on a location basis, where users can get suggestions of groups based on their location.

You can share posts that can include images, links and messages. You can like and dislike the posts and comment on it without ever getting your identity disclosed.

The app works wonderfully on the basis of content authenticity, your speech and tone are checked and the information that is shared is also closely verified. These features make it a great platform where you can view and review content without any hesitation.

7. Sayat

It has many wonderful features that make it an alternative for Sarahah. You can exchange feedbacks with each other anonymously. After you register on the app you need to choose hashtags for describing yourself.

Upon choosing the hashtags, you get suggestions from the app based upon how similar your hashtags are, and so it is easy to connect with people over the app.

The intend of the app was to help people improve themselves and to build up their skills. You can post the content and get honest reviews about it. Your colleagues and friends can choose whether to disclose their identities or not when giving feedback.

8. Covertly

It is a social networking application that helps you to chat and connect with people anonymously. All your secrets and the contents you share will not disclose your identity and freely you can share the contents and get feedback.

It is also relatively safe than many apps since it does not ask for email addresses, phone numbers or any information about social media accounts.

It is also a location-based app where you can change the location and know what is going on around the world. All the posts that are shared are temporary and it is decided by the community vote how long the posts need to stay.

9. After School

As the name suggests the service is aimed at those in high school, it allows the users to share images and videos in a defined network. As said by the CEO it was designed so, “that teens could use to express themselves, to reach out to others and to ask for help and offer help to fellow teens in distress”.

The platform follows strict acts following any threatening or dangerous messages that are detected using language algorithms and the user is immediately removed as observed doing violations. The app is removed from Google Play Store and Apple App store while the website is offline and the services are not formally discontinued.

10. Vent

This app is for both Android and iOS users where you can vent your emotions out without relieving your identity. It is a very interesting app where you can enjoy and have fun sharing about yourself.

It has many more features that are interesting such as you can reply to other user’s vents, make friends and chat with other users privately. You can trust the app for making your identity private and as such it does not asks for any personal details for registration or while using the app.

What happened to Sarahah?

Despite its initial surge in popularity, Sarahah faced criticism due to instances of cyberbullying, harassment, and hate speech.

Some users reported receiving negative and harmful messages, leading to concerns about the platform’s potential mental health impacts. As a result, platforms like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store removed Sarahah due to these concerns.

Is Sarahah Still Working?

While the official app was removed from major app stores, the Sarahah website remained functional for some time after. However, its popularity waned due to rising concerns over anonymity and the potential for misuse. The official website has since been taken down.

Who is the Founder of Sarahah?

Sarahah was developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, a Saudi Arabian developer. He initially created the platform for corporate environments, allowing employees to provide candid feedback to their employers. However, seeing its potential, he expanded it to the general public.

Benefits of Sarahah:

  • Candid Feedback: The main allure of Sarahah was the promise of honest feedback, which could be valuable for personal growth.
  • Simple Interface: Sarahah’s user-friendly design made it easy for users to navigate.
  • Free Use: Sarahah was free to download and use, adding to its accessibility.

Is Sarahah Safe?

Safety concerns arose with the misuse of the platform. With anonymity came the risk of cyberbullying, hate speech, and negative messages. While the app had a reporting feature, the harm from receiving such messages could be immediate. As with any tool, while its intention might be constructive, its application can vary based on its users.

Is Sarahah Free?

Yes, Sarahah was a free application. Users could download, sign up, and start using the app without any initial cost.

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These are the best alternatives you can find for Sarahah. Sarahah is an amazing app for anonymous chatting and feedbacks while each of its alternatives has many fascinating features and functions.

Also, all the apps are available for iOS as well as for Android users. You should try the apps yourself to get the experience and then download it on your device.

Sarahah’s journey offers a profound insight into the digital age’s complexities. While the app provided a platform for open dialogue, it also opened doors for misuse.

It serves as a reminder that with digital freedom comes the responsibility to ensure mental and emotional well-being. Whether for personal growth or merely curiosity, always approach such platforms with caution and awareness.