It can be pretty thrilling to shoot zombies, dodge bullets, and fight other players to try to survive. Shooting games are a great way to pass your time; they come in different sizes and shapes.

You will come across everything from pixel-based twin-stick shooters to hyper-realistic games. Some even have puzzle elements, while others demand players to destroy everything in their path.

Shooting Games


Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is the latest installment of the series, and it promises to take players to the next level with compelling and intense single-player campaigns and multiplayer battles. You must maintain calm when fighting through the anarchist world to bring down the evil mastermind behind it all.

In this game, you will get nine character classes to choose from, which can be upgraded with class-specific skills. You can even level up in multiplayer or single-player mode, unlocking new abilities and weapons. You must complete missions and master the different powers to upgrade your skills and get new weapons.

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Stag Shooter

Stag Shooter is an FPS shooting game that offers players the excitement they crave. The Deer hunter game is set against a jungle background where the stags run through the forests. You need to aim and shoot them down to score points.

The game offers an incredibly life-like shooting experience where you can hone your aiming skills and improve your hand-eye coordination. First, you can install the game on your device and play practice matches to learn how to aim.

Then, you can participate in tournaments to show off your skills and earn lucrative rewards.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Who hasn’t heard of Call of Duty? It remains a popular game in the shooting category and is one of the most realistic shooters you’ll come across. You can play a bunch of d different modes, such as 5V5 team deathmatch modes, 100-player battle royal mode, sniper versus sniper battle, etc.

In addition, players can personalize their load-out and talk via text or voice with other players during the game. In Call of Duty, you’ll meet thousands of players whenever you tap to play. There’s always someone ready to be teamed up, and new events are constantly added to keep things fresh and exciting.

Armed Heist

Armed Heist is a third-person shooting game that focuses on armed robberies of armored trucks and banks. It offers more than seventy thrilling challenges where you will have a face-off against cops to try and escape with the stolen goods.

The game uses dynamic scenarios that are way ahead of the game. In addition, there are bespoke missions according to the in-game choices of the players to ensure there’s always something exciting for the players.

Armed Heist promises to keep players engaged and satisfied thanks to its 3D crime map and a large selection of weapons that can be modded, reskinned, or purchased.

Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike is a 3D FPS game providing players with a fast-paced, engaging experience. If you enjoy triple-A shooter games, you must not miss this one.

With distinct gameplay modes and both competitive and cooperative multiplayer options, you can have several ways to enjoy the game. First, find the gameplay style that suits you the best. Then, team up with a clan, or you can fight it in online duels.

Spider Strike offers an immersive, high-quality experience by providing strategic rescue missions and detailed environments. In addition, you can update your weapons and gear to remain ahead in the mission.


Fortnite is a popular shooting game, and it includes different modes, maps, gameplay, and characters, similar to its PC and console versions. You can delve into the game from the start by tapping on the Battle Royale mode.

Since it allows for cross-platform play, you can connect with your friends and use the in-game voice chat to stay associated with them. Playing the Creative mode, you can flex your architectural prowess.

Moreover, players can participate in tournaments to try and beat other participants while showing off their shooting skills.

Shadowgun Legends

Fight aliens in Shadowgun Legends and enjoy being part of a massively multiplayer game. The game has a storyline that makes it interesting. Your role is to save the world, eliminate the aliens, and become a hero to the people on Earth.

You can choose from different load-outs and weapons. These can be customized to suit your specific requirements, and you can master superhuman, cool attacks to eliminate the aliens and save the world quickly.

Shooting Games

Cover Fire

Another FPS shooting game is Cover Fire, which encourages players to push themselves. Players must improve every aspect of their gameplay to claim the title of a master sniper.

In this game, you can play the single-player offline mode if you don’t have access to the Internet. The game mode is immersive, and you must command an elite resistance force. There are different challenge modes to keep you engaged, and these will test your skills against enemies and the clock.

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While you can get your practice done offline, the fun begins when you participate in online tournaments and are pitted against other expert players. Then, you can show off your superior skills and win the bounty.

The game boasts improved aiming, intuitive controls, and enhanced cover mechanics. In addition, there’s a vast arsenal of weapons to help you win.

The Bottom Line

So, install these shooting games on your iPadOS or iOS device and have entertainment at your fingertips.