One could argue that for Elizabeth Hurley, every season is swimsuit season, given her proclivity for publishing photos of herself in bathing suits. However, the British actress, who also moonlights as a swimsuit designer, is officially kicking off the summer season with yet another beautiful photoshoot.

Talks About Comedy Swimsuits

“All hail swimsuit season,” Hurley, 56, captioned a picture of herself in a snakeskin-print swimsuit from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection. One-piece suit with gold chainlink straps and a plunging neckline is available.

Talks About Comedy Swimsuits

Swimsuit Season

While many of Hurley’s male fans have praised her as “beautiful” and a “ageless beauty,” the actress has remarked that it is her female fans who have inspired her to continue wearing bikinis into her 50s. She will be 57 years old on June 10th, the day of her birthday.

According to Hurley, “I’ve always had more female followers than male; I’ve always really liked it.” Because of my age, I think women appreciate that I’m not afraid to show my face.”

Everyone still takes vacations, visits the beach, or feels the desire to go swimming. In addition, I believe it’s unfair to expect women to cover up simply because we’re no longer in our 20s and hence “perfect.” Of course, as you become older, you begin to view those your own age as less flawed. “I believe that is well received by the general public.”

She Owns Her Own Swimwear Label, Which Helps.

Her final words were, “Everyone knows I’m selling bikinis.” This is not a self-promotional ad in which I say things like, “don’t you think I look fantastic, everyone? This is how I am.”

Suddenly enlightened, Hensley makes her point very clear: “I want my kid to love her life and to love herself and she’s not going to do it because I tell her to, she’s going to do it because I teach her to.”

In case that wasn’t enough to have you nod your head till it popped out of your shoulders, here’s her clincher: “I’d rather have a vengeance body than a f*cking attitude,” she said.