Let’s face the facts, taxes are a real pain. Not only does it mean that you have to provide a part of your hard-earned money to the government, but it also means that you have to do all the math and figure out the taxes for yourself.

If one does not have tax knowledge then it can be very problematic and that is why the tax software was created. The software will help you to accurately file your tax returns, get your maximum owed refund, and avoid IRS audits.

This can prove very useful to business owners and other people who do not have the time or knowledge to sit and calculate their taxes. So here are the best 5 tax software programs that can help you in the process. Check them out.


5 Best Tax Software in 2024

We are not going to beat around the bush anymore, we know that you are here for this and that is why we are also going to just jump right into the first one on the list of the 5 best tax software programs of 2024.

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1. TurboTax

TurboTax is the best tax software program overall and that is why we have given it the top spot on this list. If you are looking for good tax software then the first one that we are going to recommend to you is this one.

The software is really easy to use and they are also offering different plans for different needs of the people which comes in very handy.


  • Easy to use.
  • Upgradable tax support.


  • Limited tax support if you don’t pay.
  • The state filing fee is expensive.
  • Most expensive overall.

2. TaxAct Premium

This one is one of a kind and has truly deserved a place in the list. The premium version of it is the best. The tax software can provide you with a 100% accuracy guarantee and that can be really trusted. There is a free plan too but you should definitely go for the premium version of it.


  • Import from other tax software
  • Highest accuracy guarantee.
  • Online or downloadable.


  • No audit support.
  • Limited support for the free plan.

3. H&R Block

This one is a good one too. The place is well deserved we will say because it offers a lot of services to the user and you will get a lot of options too. The only thing that we should warn you about is that it might not be for beginners because it is not as easy to use as the other ones.


  • Walk-in help is available at many locations.
  • Live support plans.
  • Tax support is upgradable.


  • Limited tax support unless you pay.
  • More expensive than others.
  • Can be a little difficult to understand and use.

4. Credit Karma

This is a great option for those who are looking for a free one. The software is good but not as great as the paid ones. According to Credit Karma, it offers more filing options than its competitors’ free versions.


  • Free filing for all tax returns.
  • Importing is available.
  • Audit defense support is free.


  • No phone support.
  • Does not support all forms.

5. Jackson Hewitt Premium

There seems to be nothing more to add to the scene that has not already been covered by the other 4 software that we are talking about. However, it does have something to offer that the others do not.


  • Live online support.
  • 100% accuracy guarantee.


  • Limited tax support.
  • Can’t import from other tax software.

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We hope that this article here has been used to be of some help to you. We have taken great care to make sure that all the options that are provided in the list are different and it would suit a larger range of public each with a different taste and preference.

Thank you so much for taking out the time and reading this article here till the very end. We are sure that you will find the best tax software programs for yourself.

We would like to hear your thoughts on the article and whether it has helped you or not. So do leave a comment in the comment section below. We accept constructive criticism as well. Thank you so much once again and have a nice day!