Synchrony Bank, often known as Synchrony Financial, is a top-tier client financial institution in the United States, known for providing a diverse range of services. Among its plethora of services and commodities, charge cards stand out for their exceptional level of security.

Every single one of Synchrony Bank’s credit cards boasts the highest level of security. With your new Techron Advantage Card, this is not an exception. If you’ve recently requested one card and need to use it, you’ll need to activate it at



The Techron Advantage visa cards come with a slew of benefits. When Techron Advantage cardholders use the card at the designated locations, they will benefit from the card’s benefits, including limits and points. You’ll get fuel credits and other offers if you use the card at the syphon. To get a Techron Advantage card, all you have to do is produce a FICO score of 620.

The Techron Advantage is compatible with all iOS smartphones running iOS 6 or later. It does not support iPads or Apple Mac products at this time. We’re working on adding support for these items in the future, but we don’t have a timeline yet.On all qualified transactions, credit card members will receive 47 cents per gallon of petrol. It also does not charge a yearly fee, but it does levy a $39 late payment fee.

How To Activate Your Techron Advantage Card via

The most simple option for most cardholders to activate their Techron Advantage card is to go to the online website. Here are the steps to take:

Method 1: Activate Online

Step 1: To begin, open a web browser on your computer or other device and type into the address bar to access the Techron Advantage Card activation page.

Step 2: When you go to the authorization page, you’ll be prompted to enter information such your Account Number, Three-Digit Security Code, Social Security Number’s Last Four Digits, and Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYYY).

Step 3: Click the Activate button once you’ve finished entering all of the necessary information in the designated space.

Step 4: Then, to complete the activation procedure, simply follow the on-screen directions.

Method 2: Activate By Phone

If you’re a key Techron Advantage cardholder, you can also activate your card over the phone in addition to following the above requirements. Below are the phone numbers for activating your Techron Advantage card.

Dial the provided phone number and follow the on-call prompts to finish the activation process. However, have your card information handy because you’ll very certainly be asked for it during the activation procedure.

Techron Advantage Credit Cardholders call 1-866-913-8492

Techron Advantage Visa Credit Cardholders call 1-866-448-5702

Registration For The First Time

Step 1: Go to to get started.

Step 2: To get started, click the gold Register Now button.

Step 3: You’ll be on the Account Registration screen; from here, look for your account using the information provided by the primary account holder – enter the following information:

Step 4: Number of the account

Step 5: Social security number’s last four digits

Step 6: Year of birth

Step 7: To continue, click the grey Continue button.

Continue with the last four steps of the Account Registration procedure, which include verification, profile creation, and confirmation.

You’ll be able to access your account at any time once it’s been set up. Every day, 24 hours

forget Your password? 

Step 1: If you can’t remember your password, go to the login webpage.

Step 2: Then, below the login section, click the ‘I lost my password’ option.

Step 3: A new webpage appears, requiring the following information:


2)SSN’s last four digits

3)Year of birth

Step 4: You can retrieve your password by pressing the ‘Continue’ button below.

Have You Forgotten Your Username?

Step 1: If you have forgotten your username, go to the login page.

Step 2: Below the login section, there is a link that says “I forgot my User Name.”

When you click it, a new page with the text “discover my username” appears.

Step 3: To regain your username, provide the following information:

1)Number of the account

2)SSN last four digits Date of birth

Step 4: You’ll be able to reset your user id if you tap ‘Continue.’

Techron Advantage Card Account Features

You can access your account at any time after you’ve registered for an online account and created your Login Credentials. There’s a long number of benefits, including:-

1)Statements are viewable.

2)ebill is a service that allows you to send and receive payments electronically.

3)Manually or on a recurring basis, make monthly payments.

4)Transactions can be controlled and seen.

Contact Customer Service

Monday – Friday 8am to 12am EST

Call 1-866-893-7864

For stolen or lost card

Call 1-877-295-2080

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The article came to a close here. You can activate your Techron Advantage Card if you follow the steps outlined above.