If you are a Chrome user, you must have faced the error once in your usage which would be This Site Cannot Be Reached. It is a very common error face by Chrome users. The reason behind this error can be anything from your Chrome Settings to the Network Adapter Driver.

We will provide you with some tried and tested methods to solve the problem. Let’s Proceed.

This Site Can't Be Reached

Navigating the web with ease is everyone’s expectation. But sometimes, you may encounter bumps along the way like the “This Site Can’t Be Reached” error in Chrome.

This can be perplexing, especially when you’re trying to access crucial information. In this article, we’ll decode this error, delve into its causes, and offer solutions to resolve it.

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What Does “This Site Can’t Be Reached” Mean?

The “This Site Can’t Be Reached” error essentially signifies that Chrome couldn’t connect to the website you’re trying to access. This could be due to various reasons, ranging from issues with the website itself to connectivity problems on your end.

Common Causes for “This Site Can’t Be Reached” in Chrome:

  1. Domain Name System (DNS) Issues: DNS is responsible for translating domain names (like www.example.com) into IP addresses that computers understand. If there’s an issue with the DNS, it can hinder your access.
  2. Website Downtime: Sometimes, the website server may be down, making it inaccessible temporarily.
  3. Network Connection: Connectivity problems with your local network or ISP can result in this error.
  4. Expired Domain: Websites have domain registrations that need periodic renewal. If a domain expires, the website might become unreachable.
  5. Firewall or Antivirus Blocking: Sometimes, firewall settings or antivirus programs can block access to certain websites.
  6. Incorrect Proxy Settings: If you’re using a proxy server, incorrect settings can lead to connectivity problems.
  7. Corrupted Cookies or Cache: Outdated or corrupted cache and cookies in Chrome can cause website loading issues.

How To Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached Error In Chrome

There are 7 Ways To Fix This Site Cannot Be Reached Error In Google Chrome.

Solution 1 ⇒ Changing Maximum Allowed TLS Version

This is a Chrome Flag that can be tweaked to fix the error. Below are the steps which you need to follow:

Step 1 ⇒ Type Chrome://Flags in the address bar of chrome and hit Enter.

Step 2 ⇒ Press Ctrl+F to open the Find Tool in Chrome. Now, Type TLS to find Maximum TLS Version option. Now from the Drop-down menu, click on TLS 1.3 instead of the default value.

Step 3 ⇒ Restart the Chrome Browser and go to the website to check if This Site Can’t Be Reached the error is solved.

Solution 2 ⇒ Disable Experimental QUIC Protocol

This is another flag that needs to be disabled to fix the issue. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 ⇒ Type Chrome://Flags in the address bar of chrome and hit Enter.

Step 2 ⇒ Press Ctrl+F to open the Find Tool in Chrome. Now type Experimental QUIC protocol to find the desired option. Now from the drop-down menu, Change the option from Default to Disabled.

Step 3 ⇒ Restart chrome and check if This Site Can’t Be Reached
error got to solve.

Solution 3 ⇒ Restart TCP/IP Stack

It is another simple method to solve the error. Follow the steps below to Restart TCP/IP Stack:

Step 1 ⇒ Open Command Prompt as an Admin by pressing Windows key + X

Step 2 ⇒ Now run each of the following commands one-by-one:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

Step 3: Restart your PC and see if it worked for you.

Solution 4 ⇒ Restart DNS Client

Restarting DNS Client is one of the simplest methods to solve the error. Follow the steps below to do the same:

Step 1 ⇒ Press Windows Key + R together. In the Run box, type services.msc and hit Enter.

Step 2 ⇒ Now, from the long list, find DNS Client and click on Restart the service option from the top left corner.

Step 3 ⇒ After the service has restart, open chrome, and check if the This Site Cannot Be Reached error got solve or not.

Solution 5 ⇒ Change Your IPV4 DNS Address

IPV4 DNS Address is set to obtain DNS Server Address automatically. This can cause Chrome to show the This Site Cannot Be Reach error. You can change it to the Google DNS Server address, and it should solve the error. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 ⇒ Press Windows Key + R to open the Run menu.

Step 2 ⇒ Type ncpa.cpl in the Run dialog box and click OK.

Step 3 ⇒ Now double-click on your Internet Connection and then click on Properties.

Step 4 ⇒ In the Properties window, look under the Networking Tab and find the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and double-click on it.

Step 5 ⇒ Currently, you will see under the General tab that the option is set to “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically.” Change it to “Use The Following DNS Server Address.”

Now, type in the Preferred DNS Server box.

And type In the Alternate DNS Server box.

Check the Validate Settings Upon Exit option before you click OK.

Step 6 ⇒ Now restart Chrome and check if the This Site Can’t Be Reached issue solved.

Method 6 ⇒ Reset Your Chrome Browser Settings

Step 1 ⇒ In the address bar, type Chrome://Flags and hit Enter

Step 2 ⇒ Now, on the top-right corner, click Reset To Defaults option to reset all the Chrome browser settings.

Check if the This Site Cannot Be Reached error is fixed.

Method 7: Reinstall Chrome

If nothing works, you may have to reinstall Chrome as it’s the last option that will solve the problem. Follow the steps below to do the same:

Step 1 ⇒ In the Start Menu, type Apps & Features and click on the same option to see the list of all the software installed on your computer.

Step 2 ⇒ Find Google Chrome in the list, click on it, and then click on Uninstall.

Step 3 ⇒ After the uninstallation process is completed, Download & Install it again from Chrome’s website. It should have solved the error.

How to Unblock a Website on Chrome:

  1. Check Firewall & Antivirus Settings: Ensure that your firewall or antivirus hasn’t blocked the website. If it has, consider adding the website to the list of exceptions.
  2. Adjust Network Settings: Go to Chrome settings > Advanced > System > Open your computer’s proxy settings. Ensure that the proxy server settings are correctly configured, or choose “No proxy.”
  3. Use a VPN: Sometimes, certain websites might be blocked in specific regions. Using a VPN can allow you to access the site by connecting from a different location.

Clearing Chrome Cache:

Corrupted cache can be a silent culprit behind many browser errors. Here’s how to clear Chrome’s cache:

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  2. Go to More tools > Clear browsing data.
  3. Choose a time range, like “Last 24 hours” or “All time”. To specifically clear cache, ensure that “Cached images and files” is ticked.
  4. Click on Clear data.

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This error can be easily solved with the methods mentioned above. If you notice, chrome is barely at fault with This Site Can’t Be Reached error. Try all of the methods above, and we are sure that This Site Cannot Be Reached error will be solved for you.

Also, make sure you have the latest version of chrome as Google squashes the bugs in every version. If you get any other errors, we are here to help!

While the “This Site Can’t Be Reached” error can be frustrating, understanding its root causes and possible solutions can help you swiftly navigate the issue. Whether it’s a local connectivity problem or an issue with the website itself, the steps outlined above can guide you toward a smooth browsing experience once again.