Torrentking is an ultimate search engine, similar to Skytorrents and other popular ones. It offers different kinds of downloads, video games, windows and applications, books, popular movies, and TV shows for free.

On, you may have noticed that Torrent King has disappeared for a few months. Everyone knows that everything you find on sites like torrents is free and pirated!

Many search engines work similarly, but because we live in an era when the Internet becomes more and more legal, many websites have been closed! Hence, we have listed the top ten wonderful alternatives for TorrentKing. Let us get started and understand them!


Top 10 TorrentKing Alternatives

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1. 1337X

1337x is a dedicated torrent file portal that can get accessed via a link. Undoubtedly, once 1337x is one of the leading torrent file-sharing providers used globally with millions of users.

1337x provides the best and most reliable torrent downloads for animation, applications, files, documents, original documentaries, movies, music, TV shows, programs, etc.


Compared with other torrent sites, it downloads files very fast.


This site has been blocked on the Google search engine. And, due to that reason, it will not appear when you search Google Search.

2. is one of the other helpful alternatives that you can use. It has a large number of TV shows, movies, animations, documentaries, comics, etc. It does not own a futuristic design or creative UI like any other torrent site. Finding TV shows or movies is relatively easy here.

If any of their application fails or runs slowly, it is a perfect choice to give alternate links. There is advertising support; therefore, this service can get used for free. The proxy server list can also get used for backup purposes.


There is a page that lists torrent sites. If you cannot access the page, you can easily choose one of these lists yourself.


You cannot be sure of the actual content downloaded. It may get subjected to a virus attack.


RARBG is one good alternative to TorrentKing and moderately popular. It provides torrent files and links, which will be promoting peer-to-peer file sharing. The site gets worked using the BitTorrent protocol. This website does not allow users to download their own torrents.

If you have ever tried to download content from a torrent search engine, you may have seen it on behalf of the RARBG provider. It is considered the best alternative to TorrentKing after your beloved Pirate Bay.


It has all the powerful features that a seed search engine should have, such as magnetic links, peer charts, etc.


Privacy risk is extremely high. Any malicious file type can invade your system as a peer-to-peer network.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle name itself is not that attractive and original. Even though, it gets considered as one of the best new seed search engines. Being a popular and active site, in 2019, many suggested that it should be a great alternative to TorrentKing.

It’s sad because if your country or ISP blocks your Zooqle site on the Internet, you won’t be able to access it directly.


You can download any file for free. Most importantly, all available files in Zooqle will get checked. The overall performance is nothing, but more than everything.


The huge disadvantage is, Zooqle doesn’t work these days. It is because, after many attempts to close Zooqle, many changes have taken place in its platform.

5. YTS

YTS is a great torrent site for finding classic and hard-to-find movies. Yes, it has a huge database of various shows and movies. The user interface of YTS is easy to use, even for beginners. Another feature of YTS is that it can download movies quickly.

In addition, YTS provides small-sized HD quality movies, which can save your computer space and limit your Internet usage.


If you are looking for a show or movie downloading search engine, this is the best place to start your search.


Although torrent download is the fastest and most free way to download content, sometimes it may not be safe to use it. Many torrent files contain malware that may compromise the security of the device or slow down the device.

6. LimeTorrents

Compared with the previous TorrentKing, LimeTorrent may not be the best alternative to TorrentKing, but it is still much better than the others. Most old content is blocked by the search engine of this website, depending on what you are looking for. However, for new content, this is more than enough.


LimeTorrents get described as a verified site for downloads such as movies, programs, documentation, documentaries, games, music, animation, TV shows, and software that are completely free.


Over the years, as the risks faced by users have soared, service sharing has reduced exponentially.

7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the first successful website to provide you with free torrent downloads. Here you will find everything that exists, and usually in digital form. You can download the content from four sources.


The Pirate Bay has many good things. One of them is the magnet option, which downloads your content directly to the torrent downloader.


There are a few people who want to completely deny you access to its site. It includes people in the film, music, and software industries who lobby the government and law enforcement agencies to stop the site.

8. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is the most-watched torrent site, offering movies, TV shows, games, music, and even anime. From here, you can easily browse, search, download, or upload torrent content at any time.

It has a lot of content. Whether you are looking for music, videos, movies, books, software, programs, or applications, you will definitely find them here.


It also provides its users with a system for downloading files and sharing them with others.


The only disadvantage is that the ease of use does not provide the links that users need.

9. is a huge torrent download and upload provider that can handle torrent and meta link downloads. And, users can download it through a torrent client or any torrent manager. KAT is an independent search engine though. The torrent engine has its torrent address and never provides torrent files from other torrent providers.


The main advantage of using is that it is one of the few leading platforms that always load new and updated content.


It seems that does not work, and may never work. A few days ago, users started reporting problems with it. There is no effect now, including the website’s status page.

10. TorrentRover

TorrentRover is a torrent service, which is wholly free. Something special is that it allows you to find and download torrent files using its simple feature. Yes, you can download it with the fast windows desktop application.

It has a simple user interface that allows anyone to quickly find the files they need. It is one of the leading torrent downloaders that allows you to download torrent files such as music, movies, applications, etc.


The best and main features include 100% free, clean and concise interface, quick search, unique result list, detailed information, automatic loading, and no ads, etc. Also, you can see the list associated with your search, and you can download any of them.


If someone is caught using TorrentRover to steal content, they may face huge fines and criminal prosecution.

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Though TorrentKing has been popular for years, its regular shutdown of sites made it lose its whole fame. Somewhere, people are also looking for better and fast alternatives. After proper research, we were able to plot down the top 10 above-mentioned alternatives.

You can try one of them but understand the consequences too. At any point in time, pirated content will be illegal. So, you can go with legalized websites or applications! Hope this article suffice your requirements. Thank you!!