It provides some of the most popular games, apps, and tweaks on the platform. It is one of the most popular third-party apps and has over 30 million downloads.

The new apps are released on the daily basis and have daily updates over their work. It supports Android, iOS, and PC and works on almost all major platforms. It is currently available in two versions. The first one allows you to have unlimited access to apps and games and the second one is TutuApp VIP.

It is available completely free and has a user-friendly base. All the applications are easy to download and install on your device. It is legal and safe to use the app and safety and privacy are the top priorities of TutuApp.

10 Alternatives to Tutuapp

There are many apps that you can look upon that have many more features and interface as per your needs. The alternatives are the best apps that you can use instead of TutuApp.

1. VShare

It is one of the best alternatives for TutuApp. It is an amazing app for downloading thousands of apps which you could find on Google Play Store and Apple store while plentiful of cracked apps and other entertainment stuff.

All the exclusive apps including many unofficial apps such as emulators and Cydia tweaks and many tweaked apps as well. All other exclusive content such as free games and music is offered free.

It has a well-supported user interface that supports the downloading of the app on Android and iOS devices and on windows as well. All the apps can be downloaded easily with high speed on your device without any requirement of registration or sign-up.

2. AppAddict

It is a platform where you can download apps and games. It contains many applications that are not present in official app stores.You can download all the cracked and hacked apps on your device. It has an attractive user interface and works fine with a jailbroken devices, while if your device is not jailbroken then you need to go with the premium version of the application.


AppValley has over 1300 users for download and is one of the top-rated app alternative to apple app store for iOS. You can download many apps that are not available in apple app store or the apps that are paid.You can download the apps without jailbreaking and the apps that have national restrictions. It also has the apps that are modified or tweaked as per user preferences.

Along with iOS it also supports the Android operating system and it does not require Apple ID to download apps.

4. Panda Helper

Panda Helper is one of the top-rated apps when it comes to alternatives to TweakBox app. It has millions of users world-wide where users can download thousands of tweaked apps and games on their devices. It is available for iOS as well as for Android users.

It has many features which makes it ideal for applications installer app. All the exclusive apps and tweaks are on the app. Along with it the app is 100% safe and secure.To use the app there is no need to jailbreak your phone. You can enjoy unofficial apps and games through the app through a decent customer support through which you can request the content regardless of the hour.

5. TweakBox

TweakBox is a third-party app installer that lets you install all the apps and video games for free. It has many superior and unique features for which it is famous among the users.It has amazing features that make it worth having app. The app is completely free for the users and no subscription charges are ever demanded. Also, there are updates in the app to make it easy for the users.

It has a user-friendly interface like one of the top app installers like the Google Play store. You can search the apps from the search bar and install them easily.It has appreciable customer support since you would be hard in a position where the apps are not available and for that you can request to make the apps available on Tweakbox.

6. HiPStore

It is one of the best alternative where you can download as many apps as you wish. The best collections of iOS apps and games can be found here. Also, the latest apps that you wonder where you can get from, then this is the right destination.

You can also upload your iOS apps here without paying any charges while uploading your app in the Apple App store is not free. It is also a perfect fit for all the iOS versions which means you do not need to update according to the different iOS versions.It has many other features like there is no root required and the private servers. The user interface is another unique thing that attracts visitors to stay on the platform.


It is a world-renowned third-party app for iOS devices for downloading third party apps and games on iOS devices. You need to jailbreak your device for downloading the app on your device.The app does not require you to pay any charges to install it on your device and most of its apps are also available free of charge. It has the best collection of features apps, tweaks, extensions and themes.

It is also compatible with all the apple devices. You can customize your phone and it supports a user-friendly interface that allows you to download the apps with just one click.


It is a free app where you can download unlimited apps and games. Like many app installing apps, it has a search bar to search for the apps and games and the information regarding the apps you want to download is also displayed.

You can also share the apps through the air app. The interface along with app description also has the feature to search app on Apple’s app store.All the apps that you have downloaded can be accessed through the download folder and the apps collected through the collection folder.

9. Apps4iPhone

It is the best place to find all your favourite apps. You do not need to jailbreak the device for using Apps4iPhone. It has a good collection of the featured apps and games that may not be present in standard App stores.

It has a clean and fascinating user interface since the Apps4iPhone is an easy to download and use application. There are regular updates to software and tweaks for making the app more desirable for users.The Apps4iPhone has many themes and wallpapers for your device. Moreover, all the features and benefits are available free of cost for the user.

10. AppiShare

Appishare app is a third-party app for downloading all the premium applications for free. You can download all the resources it has to offer for free. With no pre requisites, you can have this application on your device and that too without jailbreaking the device.

All the features are fascinating including the ads-free environment which has made the users favor the platform. The user interface works smoothly and in a clean manner.It has many friendly features that work great with a huge collection of applications and many entertainments stuff it contains. Also, your fun time is not hindered by advertisements and other resistances.


There are many applications that provide you with cracked and paid applications free of cost.TutuApp is a well-known application in that regard while many apps, such that, included in its alternatives have got really fascinating and amazing features. As that said, you should try these if you are in search of getting apps that are not effortlessly available in standard app stores.