There is a thing called social distancing going on worldwide right now, heard of it? Just kidding, of course, you have. Well, in such a situation, it becomes difficult to connect to your loved ones who are not near you.

In the pandemic driven restrictions a lot of activity of the life of people have been curbed down and thus we have fully become depended on internet for our social interaction too.

From work to personal time, we are all in need of a good video chat app that can prove to be very functional in times like these. So today, we have brought to you the 5 Best Video Chat Apps in 2024. Take a look at the list, and you will probably find out one that suits your needs.


5 Best Video Chat Apps in 2024

Here are the 5 Best Video Chat Apps in 2024. They are all good but some people have different preferences and tastes that is why we have included so many in the list so that everyone has something going on for them. Without any further ado let’s get right into the first one on the list.

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1. Facetime

Facetime might be the best one out there for iPhone users. The app can be used to facetime people which is essentially another way of telling video chat. This is actually a built in feature of the iPhone, and most Apple users are familiar with this app. The app can be used on iPads too. This does not work on Android though.

Max user – 32.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is generally used as a chatting app, but the feature of video calling is also there. This is not a good app to consider when you are thinking about a work video call for the company, but this is a good option for your friends and family.

They do not take too much of the data and is perfect for some small talk. It’s the best choice to stay in love with loved ones who are far away.

Max user – 4.

3. Google Duo

Google Duo might be the best one for Android devices. Though it allows iPhone users too. It’s not like FaceTime that only iPhone users can use. This one actually can be used on both devices. It is although the best one for Android users. The newest addition to the Google train, it is almost perfect. It also has a Knock Knock feature that allows you to get a preview of who’s on the other side of the call before answering. This is also not suited for work purposes.

Max user – 12.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger might be the best app to use to video chat with your family and friends on a large scale. They allow a lot of users to be taking part in the video call at the same time. Your whole extended family or friend circle can join in on the fun here. It is really easy to use too.

Max user – 50.

5. Instagram

This might come as a surprise to all of you, but Instagram can also be used to video chat with people. You can go live on video calls with your friends here if you want to. This one has the best socials among all the 5. You should definitely give this one a shot.

Max user – 6.

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We sincerely hope that this article here has been useful for you. We have tried out absolute best in order to provide you with this curated list of all the best video chat apps out there. Some classic apps will always be on the top of the list, and that is for a good reason. They are all exceptionally good and well deserved for the fame that they get.

So if you have found this article useful then do leave a positive comment in the comment section below. If you think that it needs some improvement then we accept constructive criticism too. Thank you so much for sparing the time to read this. Have a great day!