Every one of us loves watching movies. Some likes action movies, horror movies or comedy movies. Choosing a movie to watch and chill out on weekends can be a very difficult task. But thanks to the internet, for providing sites like WatchFree to stream online movies.

WatchFree stands out from the crowd with a large number of active users. It has 100s of free channels including TV shows, movies, lifestyles, sports, and news. It also has an awesome interface that makes its users crawl across the site so easily.

It has a separate section for people where you can read about different celebrities. But recently, the website keeps slowing down after a lot of user traffic on the website.

So, in order not to interrupt your excitement, you should see below the 12 WatchFree alternatives that are discussed below with their pros and cons. Therefore, let’s begin your journey!!


12 WatchFree Alternatives

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1. World Free 4U

One solution for watching movies is the site WorldFree4U, which allows its users to watch any movie for free. It is not only limited to watching Hollywood movies but also offers you various Bollywood and South Indian movies.


1. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest movies directly in your inbox.
2. Get movies, TV shows, and other content with archives and categories filtered.
3. Supports dual audio and download in high quality.
4. Also get popular content from various OTT platforms for free.
5. Download size is also very low around 300-400 MB with high quality.


1. Too many ads and popups some of them are very inappropriate.

2. DivXCrawler

DivXCrawler is also the best website and gives you a great experience. The original website has been blocked but its imitators are available to provide you the movie of your choice. This website does not provide any movie or TV show, instead provides a third-party link to watch and download movies for free.


1. Has its own community so get help from them if you are stuck somewhere or had any problem.
2. So many OTT platforms content available for free.
3.Get everything available in any language with subtitles.


1. Provides third-party links which can lead to security issues.
2. Does not have a good user interface, only links are available.

3. NewMoviesOnline

NewMoviesOnline, as the name suggests, is a popular website known for offering the best quality recently released movies and television shows for free.

Unfortunately, the original website is no longer available but its imitators are available which looks totally like the NewMoviesOnline website.


1. Dark theme reduces eye strain and provides a cinema like a feel.
2. Different themes and genres are displayed at the top of the website.
3. Check out the popular movies section to see the most-watched movies of all time.
4. Easy, fast, and most accurate filters that give better content.


1. Ads and pop-ups displayed are too annoying.
2. Long buffer time but movies play smoothly once loaded.

4. ZMovies

ZMovies is another best website on the ongoing list. It is known for providing high-quality and engaging content. It is known to have the world’s largest collection of movies, TV shows, and web series. It offers pirated movies which is illegal.


1. No registration or login is required to watch any of the content.
2. Best categorized content with action, comedy, adventure, and mystery, etc.
3. Get brief details about the movie or show or a particular episode.


1. Advertisements displayed and many redirects to different sites.
2. The site may redirect you to an inappropriate website which can be problematic.

5. Archive

The only point and the final solution to your search for a movie to find. It is not only limited to providing movies and television shows but also offers books, software, audio, and much more. In a recent report, it was found that the archive has a collection of about 2.4 million movies and videos and 2.8 million songs.


1. Filtered content with media type, collection, and topic or subject.
2. Absolutely ad and pop-up free and also no redirects to any other website.
3. It not only has the downloading option but also gives you the option to upload videos and other things and contribute to the website.


1. So many items with the same name are so difficult for users to get items of their choice.

6. IceFilms

IceFilms is another best alternative to WatchFree and is very popular among people. It offers the best movies, TV shows, and various web series sessions. It has many features and tools that take the user experience to another level.

It has an innovative search box that aims to give you the most accurate search results.


1. You can find any movie for free and so easily.
2. Filtered content by action, drama, adventure, and mystery, etc.
3. Request any video and it will be available in just 24 hours.


1. It has adult content which may be unsuitable for kids so stay away from them.
2. This site may lead to some security and privacy issues.

7. TheWatchSeries

Further ahead in the list we have WatchSeries, a website that is somewhere also my favorite. The old version of the site wasn’t that good, but the latest version WatchSeries 2.0 is far better. It has a great user interface.

You can find all the TV series for free and even download them to watch later.


  1. The sidebar has the most popular movies and the main section has all other movies with different categories.
    2. Watch the latest i.e. today’s episode at the earliest.
    3. Get movies and videos of top IMDB and those that are trending.
    4. Filter options like genres and year of release.


1. Updated website doesn’t have a lot of collections but you can find movies of your desire.
2. Pop-up messages are displayed, if you click on it, you will be redirected to another page.

8. FullMovieFreeDownload

FullMovieFreeHD is another site for downloading and streaming online videos for free even on a slow connection. This site aims to provide a very good experience for its users and works in this way.

This site was launched recently, so might not have as much content but has a beginner-friendly interface that makes it easier for one to navigate through the pages.


1. Brief summaries and details about the movies are provided.
2. Blog section to be informed about the new releases on the site.


1. When you click on the download option, you are redirected to another page but after 2-3 attempts, the movie gets downloaded.
2. Ads and redirects like on other sites are displayed.
3. No filter option provided only a search box to search for movies.

9. GorillaVid

Gorillavid is more than a movie or TV show streaming website. This site has the latest and most popular videos on the internet. This site comes with some advanced features that set it apart from other sites. It has a sophisticated recommendation section which is an attraction of this site.


1. So many movies in its huge database with subtitles.
2. You can also upload some funny videos or any other video.
3. Get daily updates and trending videos on this site and stay updated in this digital world.
4. Create your own playlist and enjoy content from anywhere in the world.


1. Has no filtering option.

10. HD Streamz

HD Streamz is a popular Android application. It has a collection of movies and television shows that are available for free. You can watch and enjoy movies with this application on your mobile devices.


1. Filter movies by genre, cast, or name.
2. Preview sports, news, music, and radio.
3. Simple user interface.
4. No ads will be displayed.


1. Download option may not work accurately sometimes.

11. MyDownloadTube

The Download Tube is another website where movies can be streamed and downloaded. It offers illegal and pirated content.


1. Too many filters option available to get movies easily.
2. A great user interface.


1. Too many ads, popups, and redirects to different websites which is really annoying.
2. Adult content show which is only for 18+.

12. Vumoo

Vumoo the last website on this list is another very popular website and offers you a list of advanced features and tools. On the other hand, this site is also known as an “on-demand site” because the movies you request on the site, it provides you the movies so that you are not interrupted.


1. Get movies from the huge collection in its database.
2. Categorised movies with genres like action, horror, comedy, and romance etc.
3. Another section for trending, popular and most-watched movies.


1. Illegal and pirated movies and TV shows which can cause a security problem.
2. Blocked in many popular countries like India but Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be used to access it.

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So these were the 12 Best alternatives to WatchFree and every website has its pros and cons attached with it. Below we have enlightened few more websites which you may be willing to visit.

All the websites above is compiled and provided with great research on their positive and negative sides. Share your favorite site and experience with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.