In this fast-growing world, there are almost all people using the internet. Be that the smallest thing to search for something or the biggest thing to order online, everything is dependent on the internet.

The Internet is constantly being used. It is possible that it will be weak and not respond as required. And you must be saying like a thousand times “why my internet speed is slow”!.

Hence, testing your internet speed is important before you do anything. Testing your Internet speed is always good. By testing, you come to know where your internet speed stands.


We have provided you some solution on how you can fix your internet if it gets slow. There are many ways to attempt but the first thing you should do is check your internet speed and if it is not appropriate then only attempt the steps to fix it.

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Why Is My Download Speed So Slow When I Have a Fast Internet?

Paying a good amount and having a high-speed internet is everyone’s need. But even after paying such a good amount you still have improper or poor internet connectivity? Then that leads to problems for you and you might think of switching to a different router.

It makes us very sad when our wifi is down or slow because the majority of our work depends on the internet. Even if it is not work-related if you want to watch any movie or play online games with poor internet connectivity it is not possible at all.

If your internet connectivity is down or slow then there might be many factors that come on your internet and your way. Want to know what are those factors that influence your internet?

Then let us get down to that business. Oh! Wait before that there is one important thing you should do that is a speed test. If your download speed is slow but you have fast internet then doing a speed test will give you a good clarity about your internet speed and then you can fix those things that actually bother your internet connectivity.

How To Do an Internet Speed Test?

The best and most trusted internet speed test app used by the users around the whole world is Ookla Speedtest. Below are the steps you should follow before doing an ookla speed test.

Step 1 – Visit the official ookla speed test page

Step 2 – make sure all the tabs of downloads and streaming applications are closed.

Step 3 – Then lastly, click on GO and your speed test will start. It will give you results of ping, upload speed and download speed.

Step 4 – Wait till it completes it and do not interrupt in between. Save the results.

Note – while doing the ookla internet speed test do not use any applications that use the internet.

Top 5 Ways To Fix Slow Internet

Below are the top 5 ways from which you can fix your slow internet speed problem. Follow all the ways properly to fix it as soon as possible. Do not make mistakes and carefully follow the 5 ways.

1. Find a Better Place For Your Router

When you install a wifi router at your home the first question arises is where to place it. Placing a router at a proper place is very important because from that place you should be able to get internet connectivity no matter where you are sitting in your home.

If there is more distance between your device and your router, weaker your wifi signal will be. So spot a place in your home where all your devices can access your internet and even the distance is small and stronger is the signal.

By this whole home can have internet access and it is not limited by one or two rooms. Netspots survey mode will help to know where your wifi range at home is strong and weak.

While placing a router make sure it is not close to the sources of electromagnetic fields, microwave fields or nearby different bluetooth devices. The frequency of the microwave is 2.45 GHz and the wifi speed band is close to 2.4 GHz, hence placing a wifi close to the microwave will put on a fire or something.

The best where you can place your router is on the shelf. Do not try to place it on the ground or somewhere behind the furniture.

2. Kill All Bandwidth Hogs

You must be wondering about what a bandwidth hog means? A bandwidth hog is basically a file or application that takes a very long time to download.You can even say it takes up a huge amount of resources to keep that file or application to run or to keep it updated.

The applications that fall under the category of bandwidth hogs are file-syncing services like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, BitTorrent clients, digital distribution platforms like Stream, and even some cloud-based anti-malware solutions are the ones that use up that available bandwidth.

If you want that these applications should take up the available bandwidth then you should restrict access to them. Or a way you can limit is usage to access the bandwidth.

3. Troubleshoot Your Hardware

Sometimes it is not necessarily the server problem, it can be a hardware problem too. Try to switch off your router and turn it on again. After you have turned it on you will see a huge difference in your router and your internet speed.

You must be wondering how such a small button can fix these issues but yes it is true. Switching it off and turning it on again can show you a miracle of difference. All the routers provide you with guidelines and troubleshooting guides on their website.

4. Try a Different DNS Server

DNS means Domain Name System. DNS can be called a phone diary of the internet. There are domain names through which you can access that particular website like, or

If you look for IP addresses then that is way beyond to remember hence, Domain Name System (DNS) was introduced. That is easy and can be performed quickly. DNS consists of both IP addresses and hostnames.

These IP addresses and hostnames are used by your ISP, the Internet Service Provider. Your ISP, the Internet Service Provider might be restricting access to some of the websites. If your DNS faces an overload then you go and take a walk and come till then your website is loaded.

Some routers are polite and have no objection when you switch to different DNS like Google Public DNS. This is a free Domain Name System (DNS) service offered by Google to its internet users.

There is also another service that is OpenDNS which is the extension of the Domain Name System (DNS) it gives you an add on feature and protects you from any phishing attacks and using the DNS lookup you get the filtered optimum content.

5. Contact Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) 

Last but not the least if all above are not in your favour then the only solution is contacting your internet service provider. If three is a network problem at your internet service providers end then there is nothing that can be done by you rather than complaining about it.

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All our daily basis life is dependent on the internet so we need a fast, reliable yet secure internet connection. During this process if this gets slow then your life seems to be stopped! But guess what, how can you overcome this sadness?

Just by fixing some things and making some calls to some people! We have provided all the attempts you can do and if nothing works then the last one contacting your internet service provider (ISP) to help you out is also there. Hoping all the problems regarding your slow internet speed are solved.

Have a good read! If you still encounter any issues then let us know in the comments. See you, until next time! Ciao!