Read on for a synopsis of what happened to Dwayne Haskins and why he was on the highway. You can get the most recent information by reading our article.

People are in disbelief after hearing the tragic news of the death of a young NFL player. It has been confirmed that young NFL star Dwayne Haskins died in an accident this past Saturday.

Why was Dwayne Haskins Crossing the Highway

The NFL athlete was extremely popular across North America. Someone saw Dwayne Haskins crossing the road a few minutes before he was killed. Do You Need to Know Why Dwayne Haskins Was Driving? Get the scoop in the article down below.


Roadside Sighting of Dwayne Haskins:

Our most recent tip comes from a witness in South Florida who claims to have seen Dwayne Haskins on I-595 only minutes before his death. Dwayne got involved in a collision while crossing the street.

As we pick up our story, Dwayne Haskins is driving down the highway. Accidentally, he crossed I-595 while wandering on the highway’s limited access facility.

They claim to be an eyewitness to the events described in the statement, and the Florida Highway Patrol has corroborated their claims. So, the mystery of Why Was Dwayne Haskins on the Highway persists.

Who Exactly is Dwayne Haskins?

NFL star Dwayne Haskins was born on March 3, 1997, in Highland Park, New Jersey. Haskins just relocated to Florida to train alongside Trubisky and the rest of the offense-focused players.

Dwayne was selected in the first round of the NFL draught, and he was picked 15th overall. He started the 2019–2020 season as Washington’s starting quarterback.

Fans have been spreading the news of his untimely demise and expressing their sorrow for him and his loved ones ever since it broke. However, Why Was Dwayne Haskins on the Highway remains a mystery due to a lack of hard evidence.

Statement from a Witness to the Incident:

The witness, identified as Chris Stanley, stated that he was transporting his daughter to the airport at the time of the collision. Stanley was worried that someone would hit Dwayne because he was walking down the right lane of the limited-access portion of I-595.

He also confirmed the time of the event, saying that it occurred at 6:37 in the morning. Dwayne was killed when he was struck by a dumping truck in the relentless flow of traffic.

Stanley also affirmed that he did not observe Dwayne Haskins’ vehicle in the area at the time of the collision.

Dwayne Haskins’s Highway of Florida Detour: Why Was He There?

We’ve heard that Dwayne Haskins was in Florida for a Workout-themed event held by Mitchell Trubisky, and this would explain his apparent absence from the Chicago Bears. They all got together for a workout to hone their football talents, and he wasn’t the only one.

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