Yidio is a website that provides content that enables users to watch tv shows and series with full episodes online. It lists the content that is available on the major platforms such as Netflix, amazon prime, HBO Now, Hulu, etc.

It is the choice of the user to decide in which platform is he willing to stream in. The website was founded in January 2008. It does not charge any cost as a subscription or registration from its users for a certain set of movies, another set of the movies are to be viewed by availing the cost.

Some advertisements and pop-ups appear on the website while a user is browsing. Yidio provides the users the movies with a quality of a DVD print.

In the booming age of online streaming, viewers often find themselves scattered between various platforms. Enter Yidio, a service that seeks to streamline your viewing experience. Let’s dive deep into understanding this platform.


What is Yidio?

Yidio stands for “Your Internet Video.” It’s an aggregator service that allows users to discover, watch, and personalize TV shows and movies across numerous streaming providers, all in one place.

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10 Best Alternatives To Yidio

Users are not satisfied with this website but the issues they face while browsing the content make them choose an alternative to Yidio. Below are the 10 alternatives of Yidio:

1. Vumoo

It is a website that streams the content of movies, series, and tv shows online. All the contents that are released are provided with HD quality print. It is one of the most popular websites used to stream online content. It is blocked in several countries to date.

The content it releases is illegally done. Certain contents may bring virus or malware issues to the devices used to stream.

One can also download the content on this website. Users are not charged for viewing or downloading the contents. Currently, there are various domains in the name vumoo created to make the contents available for users.

2. Crackle

This website is currently owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment company which operates in the production and releases in the entertainment industry. Crackle is a site that provides online streaming to its users by providing content on movies, tv shows, and series of a variety of genres. It is completely free to use, owners do not charge any amount from the users.

It is been one of the websites that provide streaming since the year 2012. Certainly, it is blocked in various countries. It ensures to release contents having received the copyright permissions. The website contains advertisements and pop-ups if disabled cause playback issues while streaming.

3. Tubi TV

It was launched on the 1st of April, 2014. The online streaming website is owned by Fox Corporation. It is said to have 33 million users per year basis. It can be viewed using only any device. The website is completely legal to use. One major drawback is that tubi tv is available only to the people in the United States.

The users outside that country want to use this website, then a VPN that is safe to use will be required to access the site. The content it provides is of tv shows and movies, that too the quality is high which attracts many users.

4. Thewatchseries

It is one of the most accessed websites to stream content based on movies, tv shows, and web series. It recommends trending the content on its website. The contents are categorized clearly which helps the users locate their choice or preference easily.

It is one of the best-known websites that release a huge number of movies of different varieties. The website was blocked in several countries. The original website was shut down frequent times that lead to change in domains to keep the site active.

5. Popcorn Flix

It was launched in the mid-year 2010. The company that owns this website is Screen Media Ventures. The website is easily accessible mainly in countries like the United State and Canada. Compared to many online streaming websites, popcorn flix has additional features that draw traffic to this page.

Movies and web series of a variety of genres are streamed online on this site. The owners do not collect any charges in the name of subscription or registration from its users. The website has not failed to update its users with the latest releases and news.

6. Couch Tuner

It is one of the trending websites that stream content of movies, tv shows, and series online free of cost. The reason why users are mainly attracted to it is that the services the site provides are quick and lasting. It ensures that users are highly satisfied while browsing the content they are choosing to watch.

There is a huge variety of genres, based series, and movies that it provides, which gives the users option to choose their preferences. Having provided the contents very quickly, it is obvious that the owners of the site release without having copyright permission. In short, it is an illegal website.

7. Snag Films

The website was launched in the year 2008. The owner of the website at the time of launch was Ted Leonsis. It focuses on providing all entertainment-based content starting from series, movies, reality shows until documentaries.

The contents can be streamed without any payment of charges. There are advertisements and pop-ups on the website, through which the owners do make money.

To disable the advertisements and pop-ups, users can avail a premium subscription by making a payment. The website was known to be shut down in the mid-year 2020, ending all the tie-ups in the entertainment industry such as production houses and various content owners.

8. Pluto TV

It is a website that was launched in the year 2013. The contents it provides are the movies, tv shows, drama, and streams of the contents of the channel too. The website is currently owned by ViacomCBS. It is completely legal to use. The users are usually disappointed with the advertisements.

Sometimes, the website buffers due to a large number of users. It contains a feature when a pluto tv is downloaded in the smartphone and connects to the pluto tv in the smart tv, the smartphone acts as a remote.

9. Watch Series

It is a website that is filled with a variety set of series. It is a popular website known for streaming series online. The website is categorized specifically which helps the users locate their choices easily. It recommends the series that are popular, trending and new species.

If a user is facing any issue or wants to contact the website team, using the contact us page, one can send their issue. It is one of the best alternatives for Yidio as it has similar traffic.

10. Viewster

It is a website that was found in the year 2007. It was originally known as Diva. In the year 2011, its name was changed to viewster. It became over the years as it streams content related to tv shows, series, and movies.

The content that is released after obtaining the official license is free to watch. The website has a record of being shut down several times, the reasons are most likely to be unknown.

As per the records of media, the site was shut down maybe because of two reasons, it was acquired by another company that had a website similar to viewster. So, it used viewster to gain traffic. Another reason is the lack of funding. The website was one of the demanding websites

Is Yidio Shut Down?

No, Yidio has not been shut down. It remains active and continues to serve as a reliable platform for users looking to centralize their streaming options.

Does Yidio Still Work?

Yes, Yidio is operational and continues to collate content from various streaming platforms, making it easier for users to find their preferred shows or movies.

Who is the Founder of Yidio?

Yidio was founded by Brandon Eatros and Adam Eatros in 2008. Their vision was to create a comprehensive platform to simplify the search for digital content across different services.

What are the Features of Yidio?

  1. Unified Search: Users can search for any TV show or movie and find out which streaming platform hosts it.
  2. Personalized Recommendations: Based on viewing habits, Yidio suggests new content that aligns with user preferences.
  3. Tracking and Alerts: Users can track their favorite shows and receive alerts for new episodes or availability.
  4. Price Comparisons: Yidio provides price comparisons for rental or purchase of content across platforms.

Benefits of Yidio:

  1. Time Saver: Eliminate the need to hop between multiple apps or websites to find content.
  2. Cost-Efficient: By comparing prices, users can make informed decisions and save money.
  3. Vast Catalog: Access to a vast catalog spanning across various streaming platforms.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive design ensures a seamless browsing experience.

Is Yidio Safe?

Yes, Yidio is a safe platform. It doesn’t host the content but instead redirects users to legitimate streaming providers. As always, when redirected, ensure you are on the official site of the streaming service to avoid any phishing threats.

Is Yidio Free?

While Yidio itself is free to use as an aggregator, not all content discovered on Yidio is free. The platform will indicate if a show or movie requires a rental fee, purchase, or a subscription to a particular streaming service. However, Yidio does help users find free content available on the web.

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The above-mentioned online streaming websites are the best alternatives to Yidio. They aim at providing services to the users through which they can earn by the click rate, and advertisements.

Yidio is a testament to the evolving world of digital entertainment, offering a solution to the fragmentation of content across multiple platforms. By centralizing the search process, Yidio enhances the user experience, making content discovery efficient and personalized. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a binge-watcher, Yidio is a valuable tool in your entertainment arsenal.