This is good news for many people who are finding themselves misplacing their AirPods on a regular basis. This is good news for all of you people hoping for some technology that will help them find their lost AirPods.

The heavens, or rather Apple, had answered your wishes and prayers. Now you can easily detect and find your misplaced AirPods by using your phone. The firmware update came on October 6th.

Your iPhone Can Now Guide You To Your AirPods

The new capability that we have now in our grasp is the ability to find your AirPods. It is baked into Apple’s Find My app and works fine with the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, but however, there is always a catch as it will not work with Apple’s regular AirPods.

There had been many complaints about this exclusion of the normal ones from the list, but it may be available as a feature on the next update. However, there has been no talk about this.

Earlier, there was a feature that allowed you to look into where your AirPods were last seen, and then it could be able to sound the music that might have helped you locate your AirPods, hoping that you were within hearing range of the tune.

However, that was a lot o faulty ones, and it had been causing a lot of problems with the users too. So Apple decided to upgrade on the feature to allow you to find your AirPods without a lot of hassle.

Now the new feature is going to allow the user to locate their lost AirPods by using a radar-like system that will show you the current position of your AirPods and not some vague where was it last seen. This seems to be more practical from every angle.

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However, if you want to put it to good use, then you have to get the firmware upgraded to iOS 15. And your AirPods also need to be good and updated. So hoping that this works out well for you guys. That is all for today. Have a good day and night!