is widely recognized IP Address. Today is the era of technology we are living in. Dependence on machines and other equipment is increasing day by day. The internet is a major contributor to this change.

There are various devices involved in setting up a proper functional internet connection. Two of the must haves for setting up a network are a router and an IP Address.

Not familiar with any of the two? Don’t worry let us clear our doubts below. A router is a device used in a network which shows the path  to the to be transferred data files in order to reach their end source without any complications.

An IP Address is a unique identity of every router device tagged to it in the form a 32 bits number divided to octets of four each. One such widely recognized IP Address is router IP. This can be used by various devices like modems, webcams and a lot more. IP Admin Login, Username and Password

Contents – Xfinity, Comcast Admin Login

To scoop out total benefits of this IP Address, first that needs to be done is logging in to this router IP. Steps to enter or log in to the admin panel of router IP are as follows:

Step 1 – Begin by connecting your router to the internet system or browser whichever you use. The internet connection can be both wired as well as wireless.

Step 2 – Next open up that browser and enter in the IP Address.

Step 3 – Then after, in the log panel that appears enter in your default username and password to gain access.

Step 4 – You can use admin in both the fields of username and password in case you haven’t it ever. In case you have type in the updated credentials.

Step 5 – Reaching here you will see the router interface page. From here you can make changes in the router settings as per your requirements.

How to Find IP Address

Besides remembering the above process, one important aspect to keep in mind is knowledge of the IP Address of our router. It can be found out by pressing the command prompt.

Next tapping the window icon and typing key R and then entering cmd in the run box. Then after that you must type in ‘ipconfig‘ and at the end press enter. Your router’s IP Address will be visible by now.

Also in some situations you might even change the IP Address of your router. For that you need to open the web browser and type in your router’s IP Address in the address bar. Then give your username and password and click on log in.

Next from the setup option go to network settings and give in your newly to be updated IP Address and subnet mask and save the settings before closing the browser. Your IP Address will be changed successfully.

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Thus , the above article has provided us with all what a user must be aware of regarding router IP and all its related aspects.