About TechExel

TechExel – Is an Windows troubleshooting & how-to guide website developed to help users. TechExel is mainly focuses on OS (Operating System) and covers all the fixes for commonly faced issues, tips & tricks for almost every OSs Like Windows, Apple iOS, Linux, Android, iPad and etc. Apart from operating systems, you can also find Universal Apps, Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft Office, iPad, Mac OS X and Web Browsers related articles here.

The site gets real-time update as soon as we have got something worth sharing for all. Our aim is to include those issues and their solutions, which a majority of users are falling around. On an average, we post about 20 new articles per month.

The site delivers a unique blend of original content by IT professionals, peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT leaders on the Web, and a vast library of professional resources from the leading vendors in the IT industry. TechExcel features blogs, community forums, vendor white papers, software downloads, Webcasts, and research.