Fortnite’s highest and lowest position locations put a unique spin on the classic “go there, do that” formula for tasks, as we’ve always had to discover the highest spot or the farthest out area on the compass points, but never before have we descended to the map’s depths to reach the lowest spot.

Dance At The Highest Spot And the Lowest Spot On The Map

However, you’ll want to prepare ready for it because one of the Fortnite Week 9 tasks requires you to do just that, making sure to have a little boogie once you’ve reached your goal places to make them count. Let us guide you to the highest and lowest points on the island in Fortnite so you can dance there.

It’s hardly surprising that Fortnite’s highest point is located on a mountaintop, and players have their pick of several other summits spread around the island’s several mountain ranges. Fortnite’s lowest point isn’t as easy to identify, but there is one location in the game where the ground is truly lower than sea level. We’ve highlighted both locations on the map and provided further details about them below:


Tips for Getting the Party Started at Fortnite’s Summit

Mount Kay, in location G7, is the highest point in Fortnite, and a huge flagpole stands at its summit to signify its status as the highest point in the game. As a reference, this location is south of Catty Corner and east of the Fortnite Weather Station.

You may dance at the highest point of the map in Fortnite by gliding down or hiking up to the summit and then using an emote.

Getting Down and Dirty in Fortnite’s Loneliest Town

Coral Castle, in the game’s northwestern quadrant, is named after Aquaman’s home in real life. The lowest point in Fortnite is here because, if the surrounding sea level hadn’t plummeted so dramatically, this area would be submerged.

In this case, it looks that the ground level counts anywhere within this sunken site, so break out your favourite emote and dance at the lowest point on the map to complete the challenge without getting too complicated.