IP Address is is an address used in setting up a private network. In this decade of digitalization, every minute task that we have to perform in some or the other way depends on internet. The internet has become a very vital part of our daily routines. But to access the benefits of an internet connection, there are two important conditions – a router and an IP Address. Do not know what these are? Just read below.

A router is a path reflecting device used in setting up a network. It provides way to the data files to be transferred to reach their final destination without any complications. Every router is assigned an IP Address.

It is a unique and distinct numbered identity provided to each of the router devices to give them a unique identification and locating their address. One such IP Address is It is an address used in setting up a private network. To gain its benefits one needs to first log in to this router IP. IP Admin Login, Username and Password


IP Address Admin Login

Don’t know the procedure of accessing the admin panel of router IP? Never mind. Let us discuss it in the following simple steps:

Step 1 – First of all open your local internet browser whichever you use on your system.

Step 2 – Type the default gateway login page here at this step.

Step 3 – Then enter your login username and password. Usually for Apple or D-Link routers, the default username is admin and the password is nil.

Step 4 – Till now you will be able to see the admin portal. Just be safe while making any sort of alterations in the default router settings.

Find IP Address of Your Router

Other than the above process, one must important aspect is knowledge of the IP Address of our router. It can be found out by tapping the command prompt. After that clicking the window icon and typing key R and entering cmd in the run box. There after you must type in ‘ipconfig‘ and lastly press enter. You will be shown the IP Address of your router.

Besides in some circumstances you can even change the IP Address of your router. For that you need to open the web browser and type in your router’s IP Address. Then provide your username and password and click on log in. Next from setup option go to network settings and give in your newly changed IP Address and subnet mask and save the settings before closing the browser. Your IP Address will be changed successfully.


Hence, the above article has made us very clear about what an IP Address and a router is, how to access each of these. What is router IP, how can it be logged in, how can a user log in to his/her router, how can he/she change the IP Address of their respective routers along with the process to find it. Thus a thorough reading of the above context is sufficient for a new user to learn everything about router IP and all its related aspects.