Well, the Apple iPhone 13 came out very recently this September, and many people were excited to get their hands on it. However, it is a bad thing that the Apple phone display replacement policy had been changed, and not many people were aware of this because it was not made known to the People.

This was a proper pain for the people who had just got the phone, and they needed a display replacement. This is bad in itself because no one wants to replace the screen of a brand new phone. However, if the situation arose, then they have to. Such said people might have taken the phone to a third party phone repair to get the replacement.

Apple Relents To Make iPhone 13 Display Repair Easier

This is when many people realized to their utter horror that Apple had a new policy in place that stated that if any other phone repair other than Apple does change the display of the phone, then they are going to face major issues like face recognition will stop working.

The users came across several cases of the user face recognition being useless and not working with the message showing on the people’s screen. This disturbed a lot of customers as well as the third-party repair shops that had lost one source of revenue.

Now why Apple had taken this decision was very clear, they wanted to bring all the business in their footsteps.

However, after many complaints and a lot of unhappy customers who had been shopping with Apple for a long time, they decided that they were going to remove the policy and allow the other third-party users to take care of things.

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This is what had been reported to the news, according to The Verge. We hope this does come to pass because running to the Apple shop every time there is some problem seems hectic.

That is all for now. If there are any new updates about the said matter, then we will keep you updated on the news. Stay tuned.