The Internet has become a household commodity similar to gas and electricity. Life without the internet is just unimaginable especially if you are running your affiliate website, an eCommerce store, or fond of streaming movies and playing games.

With the rise of global pandemic and lockdown, people mostly spend their time online to play games, stream movies, and socialize with friends. Everyone is looking forward to a speedy and affordable internet deal yet finding one in your area can be a task.

Best Cheap Internet Providers

It’s the second quarter of 2023 and most people are still in search of affordable internet plans. At least, it is now a good time to learn something online or establish business during pandemic lockdown instead of wasting it on social media and unproductive stuff.


4 Best Cheap Internet Providers You Should Look for In 2023

Let’s find out some of the best cheap internet providers in 2023 you can look for.

1. Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is undeniably the best affordable option for internet users looking forward to a blazing fast speed. It has topped the list of some of the best ISPs offering high-speed download, exceptional customer service, and affordable prices.

However, the prices may vary from one location to another. The fiber internet is a good option for enterprises and IT hubs, but it is only available in limited areas. When it comes to home internet, Verizon FiOS covers the need of almost every household by offering multiple plans at reasonable prices.

One of the weird things you might notice is the high-speed packages offered at the same cost. For instance, internet 300 and 500 plans are only available in limited areas of Connecticut and New York. If you don’t live in those areas, Verizon will still provide you with a fast internet plan.

The best thing about Verizon FiOS is that you don’t need to sign an annual contract, which means you can opt-out of it without paying additional charges. Plus the customer service is way better than any other ISPs offering internet service in your area.

Plan Speed Price per Month
Internet 200/200 200Mbps $39.99 per month*
Internet 300/300 300Mbps $59.99 per month*
Internet 400/400 400Mbps $59.99 per month*
Internet 500/500 500Mbps $59.99 per month*
Gigabit Up to 940Mbps $79.99 per month*

*Prices and offers are subject to change and vary by location

2. Spectrum

Spectrum is another reliable internet service provider offering affordable internet plans. The service provider coverage areas span over 44 states in the United States including New York, California, and Texas. Serving more than 102 million households, Spectrum seconds the list of top residential cable providers in the United States.

Spectrum Best Cheap Internet Provider

Spectrum has some really good deals to meet your requirements without putting a dent in your budget. For instance, Spectrum promotions allow you to bundle your internet plan with cable and a phone. Spectrum double play and triple-play packages are meant to offer affordable and reliable packages without imposing any extra charges on the cancellation of the service. Yes, you have heard it right there are no extra charges for cancellation, as Spectrum offers contract-free plans for its subscribers.

If you are a hardcore gamer or a movie and TV-series addict, don’t worry about data caps by subscribing to Spectrum plans. Without worrying about exceeding data caps, you can download, stream, browse, and game as much as you like. Keep in mind that the prices are for 12 months, after which prices tend to increase. Just make sure to calculate your budget accordingly before you subscribe to any of Spectrum’s plans.

Plan Speed Price per Month
Spectrum Internet 200Mbps $49.99 per month for 1 year*
Spectrum Internet Ultra 400Mbps $69.99 per month for 1 year*
Spectrum Internet Gig 940Mbps $109.99 per month 1 year*

*Price and speed are subject to change and vary by location

3. Cox

Cox also tops the list when it comes to the best cheap internet providers in 2023. Those who are living paycheck to paycheck and could not afford something extra should consider Cox as a last resort. Especially, if the internet usage is not as high as that of gamers, streamers, and downloaders, Cox is the best option to consider.

For instance, the basic plan of Cox includes 10Mbps internet for $29.99 per month. As we have already mentioned earlier about Cox’s suitability in terms of internet usage, a limited data cap of 1.25Tb is enough to help you browse, stream, and watch videos on YouTube without worrying about exceeding the limits.

However, if 10Mbps seems too slow, worry not there are other plans as well going up as high as 940Mbps. But keep in mind that the prices may look higher than other service providers. If you are living in some areas, where 10Mbps of maximum speed can be availed, then you need to look for other options. For 50Mbps and up, Cox does not require you to sign a contract.

Plan Download Speed Price Data Cap
Internet Starter 10 10Mbps $29.99 per month* 1.25 TB
Internet Essential 50 50Mbps $39.99 per month* 1.25 TB
Internet Preferred 150 150Mbps $59.99 per month* 1.25 TB
Internet Ultimate 500Mbps $79.99 per month* 1.25 TB
Gigablast 940Mbps $79.99 per month* 1.25 TB

*Prices and plans vary by location and subject to change

4. Mediacom

Mediacom internet is an ideal option if you are living in Midwest and South. The low-tier plan 60Mbps comes with a small data cap of 400Gb. But that should not put you in worry because for normal internet users, a data cap is more than enough.

Mediacom internet prices are cheap but fall in the same category as that of Cox and Spectrum. The internet service provider offers a decent range of options to choose from. For instance, the 60Mbps plan costs you only $39.99 per month, which is an affordable deal for couples and singles. As compared to other service providers such as Spectrum, Mediacom limits the data cap and tends to increase with the speed.

Plan Speed Price Data Cap
Internet 60 60Mbps $39.99 per month* 400Gb
Internet 100 100Mbps $49.99 per month* 1TB
Internet 200 200Mbps $59.99 per month* 2TB
Internet 500 500Mbps $69.99 per month* 4TB
1 Gig 1000Mbps $79.99 per month* 6TB

*Prices and plans vary by location and subject to change