There had been a report done recently that shows that the price of the graphics card is more than double of its actual price currently going on in the market. Yes, you read that right.

Still, now there had been a severe shortage of the graphics card that we are seeing and this had only caused the demand to increase where there is not sufficient supply and the price of the graphics card had gone up incredibly high in the market.

Graphics Cards Are Still More Than Double Their List Price, Report Finds

According to the report that had been done, it is seen that the graphics card price had gone over double the price of its actual or original retail. In the past few weeks, there had been a decrease that was seen but that did not last long as the prices went up soon ahead.

It is really a very serious problem that the world does not seem to be taking very seriously, other than the tech world and people who are involved in this field or industry, no one is really keen on this poor development that we are seeing every day.

It is maybe because they think that the problem might not affect them directly, but it will indeed affect them indirectly at some point in time. People just do not seem to understand it yet.

There had been a lot of speculation among the community about when the price is going to go back to normal or even if go down by a little bit. The answer is not clear as no one can tell when the price is going to go down.

This is going to come true when the time is right but we have no idea where it is or even when it is coming. Some are saying that this might not happen till early 2023. We just hope that this gets resolved soon. The prices are going up like crazy. At this rate, the prices might go up even more.

That is all for now. We will keep you updated on the news so make sure you keep your eyes on it.