There was no way to win at “Minecraft” when it initially came out. You could play for as long as you liked — or until you were killed by falling into a ravine. However, the Ender Dragon was introduced a few years into “Minecraft’s” existence as a final monster.

The credits will roll after you have defeated this flying behemoth, and you will have completed the game. An End Portal must be constructed in order to access the Ender Dragon.

The dragon resides in a dark dimension called “The End,” which can be reached through the End Portal. In Survival and Hardcore modes, you must locate a damaged End Portal deep beneath and fix it using the Eyes of Ender. Simply construct one in Creative mode using any of the unlimited supplies at your disposal.

How to Make an End Portal

Minecraft, a sandbox game known for its endless possibilities, contains a mysterious and captivating feature called the End Portal.

In this detailed article, we will explore what the End Portal is, reasons it might not work, the possibility of creating one, the rarity of worlds without an End Portal, its size, other portals in Minecraft, finding a stronghold portal, uses of the End Portal, its safety, and whether you can get one for free.

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What is an End Portal in Minecraft?

An End Portal is a unique structure found in Minecraft that allows players to access the End dimension, where the formidable Ender Dragon resides.

It’s a circular, frame-like structure consisting of End Portal frames and an empty center. When activated, it transports players to the End dimension for an epic boss battle.

How to Make an End Portal

Creating an End Portal requires 12 End Portal Frames and 12 Eyes of Ender, and is the shortest way to reach the End dimension. Let me demonstrate.

To construct the Final Portal, you must remain stationary while arranging the portal frames in a circular formation around you. Having the Eyes of Ender pointed in the right direction is essential for opening the gateway.

1. Build the Frame

Twelve End Portal Frames will serve as the basis for your portal’s framework. Assemble the first portal side by setting up three end portal frames. Turning right, you’ll add three additional end portal frames to complete the portal’s opposite side.

To prevent the portal from closing on you, make sure the green tabs at the top of the end frames are facing the portal’s inside. The third portal side is completed by rotating the portal 90 degrees to the right and installing three more end portal frames.

It bears repeating that the green tabs on the top of the end portal frames should be oriented such that they face the interior of the portal. Turn to the right and set the final three end portal frames to finish the structure.

2. Complete the End Portal by adding the Eye of Ender

The 12 Eyes of Ender are the final piece of the End Portal’s puzzle. Standing in the middle of the portal, insert the Eyes of Ender into the corresponding frame blocks on either end. Eleven of Ender’s Eyes have now been added.

If you happen to be standing in the portal’s sweet spot, avoid adding the 12th Eye of Ender. If you do this, the portal will open and you will be sucked into it, taking you to the End dimension.

The final Eye of Ender must be added from outside the portal or slightly above it. At this point, the Final Portal will open. The Ender Dragon can be fought in the End dimension. You can get to the Finish Line in record time by using this method.

How to Complete an End Portal Found in a Stronghold

You can find a portal frame that has already been assembled in a Stronghold if it is your preferred method of construction. Using this strategy, you’ll need no less than ten Eyes of Ender to locate the Stronghold and open the gateway.

1. Find the Stronghold

To locate the Stronghold in Minecraft, you must first utilize an Eye of Ender. To achieve this, from your hotbar, choose the Eye of Ender and toss it into the air to determine its flight path. Depending on the Minecraft version, the following keys may be used to hurl the Eye of Ender:

  • Java Edition (Windows/Mac) users can use the right mouse button to launch the Eye of Ender.
  • To aim the Eye of Ender in Pocket Edition (PE), tap the screen there.
  • The L2 button on the PS3 or PS4 controller is used to access the menu system.
  • To use the LT button on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller, hit the LT button.
  • Right-click in Windows 10 to launch the Eye of Ender.
  • To use the ZL button on the Wii U controller, press Z.
  • To use the ZL button, press it on your Nintendo Switch controller.
  • Right-click in Education Edition to launch the Eye of Ender.

The Eye of Ender will rise into the air, pause, and then fall to the ground, all in full view of onlookers. The path you should take is this one. You can try throwing the Eye of Ender again if it is not broken.

2. Complete the End Portal by adding the Eye of Ender

There are 12 slots for the Eyes of Ender in the End Portal. One or two Eyes of Ender will have been put for you, so all that remains is to set up the remaining 10–11. The portal will open after the Eyes of Ender have been placed. The gateway to the last destination is now open.

Why is My End Portal Not Working?

Several reasons could cause an End Portal not to work:

  1. Incomplete Frame: The End Portal requires all its frames to be filled with Eye of Enders (obtained by combining Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder). If any frame is missing an Eye of Ender or has one missing, the portal won’t activate.
  2. Frame Orientation: The Eye of Enders in the frame should be oriented correctly, with the pupil facing inward. Incorrect orientation can render the portal inactive.
  3. Distance from Stronghold: The End Portal is located within a stronghold, so ensure you are in the stronghold when attempting to activate it.

Is It Possible to Make an End Portal?

In standard gameplay, you cannot create an End Portal. Instead, you must find one within a stronghold. However, in creative mode, players can use End Portal frames and Eyes of Ender to build a functional portal wherever they choose.

Can a World Not Have an End Portal?

In rare cases, a Minecraft world may generate without a stronghold, making it impossible to find an End Portal. However, such instances are extremely uncommon. Most worlds will have at least one stronghold with an End Portal.

How Big is the End Portal?

The End Portal structure consists of a square frame with a 5×5 exterior and a 3×3 interior, making it 7 blocks tall and wide. The empty center block is where players throw Eyes of Ender to activate the portal.

What Other Portals Are There in Minecraft?

Minecraft features several other portals, each with its unique functions:

  1. Nether Portal: The Nether Portal allows players to travel to the Nether dimension, a hazardous and surreal realm filled with unique resources and creatures.
  2. End Gateway Portal: This portal appears after defeating the Ender Dragon, allowing players to access distant End islands for additional exploration and resources.

How Do I Find a Stronghold Portal?

To locate a stronghold portal, follow these steps:

  1. Gather Eyes of Ender: Collect Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder to craft Eyes of Ender.
  2. Activate Eyes of Ender: In the Overworld, right-click (or use the corresponding button) while holding an Eye of Ender. It will fly in the direction of the nearest stronghold.
  3. Follow the Eyes: Continue following the Eyes of Ender until they eventually lead you to the stronghold. Once inside, search for the End Portal room, where the portal is located.

How and Where Can We Use the End Portal?

The End Portal is primarily used to access the End dimension, where players face off against the powerful Ender Dragon. Defeating the Ender Dragon is an achievement in itself and unlocks access to the End Gateway Portal for further exploration of the End islands.

Is the End Portal Safe?

The End Portal itself is safe, but the End dimension it leads to can be quite dangerous. The End is home to the Ender Dragon and Endermen, hostile mobs that can pose a threat to players. It’s essential to come prepared with weapons, armor, and supplies for the battle.

Is the End Portal Free?

In survival mode, accessing the End Portal requires crafting Eyes of Ender, which involves gathering resources and defeating Blaze mobs for Blaze Powder. Therefore, it’s not entirely free, as it requires effort and resources to activate the portal.

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The End portal is one of the game’s most pivotal landmarks. But when we talk about how it was made, most gamers are as dumb as if we were talking about any of the other buildings in the game. In this Minecraft Speed run, everyone is looking for the Ender portal.

However, we want to remedy that by outlining the process of creating an End gateway in Minecraft. Everything you need to know about creating and using portals, both custom and standard, is included here.

However, this construction is unlike anything you have ever attempted before, so let’s not waste any time and get started!  The End Portal in Minecraft is a captivating gateway to the End dimension, offering unique challenges and rewards for those who dare to venture.

While finding a stronghold and activating the portal can be a challenging endeavor, the adventure that awaits on the other side is well worth the effort. So, prepare your gear, gather your Eyes of Ender, and embark on the journey to confront the Ender Dragon and explore the mysterious End dimension.