The next-generation batteries might be coming to us sooner than we have expected. A group of scientists from Brown University had found an unexpected material to create a battery. Can you guess what it is? Well, it is wood. Yes, you read that right.

Wood is the new material that might be used for making batteries. This is a big deal as it has not been done before by anyone and it has got a lot of advantages over the normal batteries that we have known to use at our homes on a regular basis.

The wood-derived material are going to help the environment a lot. These batteries will be more eco-friendly than the ones that had been used to date. It would damage the environment less, and it would be easier to dispose of too.

Next-Generation Batteries Could Use Material Derived From Trees

The current batteries that are used in our life now have known to use volatile liquid on the inside as electrolytes. This goes for any battery that you may come across now. Including the battery of your phone or laptop that you might be reading this on now.

It must be said that these batteries work well and do their job well too, but they are harmful and dangerous to you and your environment.

Suppose, for example, a short circuit happens, and the batter catches fire and then explodes. True that this does not happen always, but accidents are accidents, and some batteries can be faulty, and that increases the risks even more.

To make sure that one is working with a more safe option of a battery with a solid-state battery. They do not have a liquid electrolyte but have a solid material inside them. They are useful, but they are very brittle.

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The Brown team had developed a similar battery, but they have used a combination of copper and polymer tubes, which had been derived from wood. The polymer material is very flexible, so it does not break easily. So this is hoping that they would form the next-generation batteries. The researchers sure hope so, and so do we.