The world is advancing by leaps and bounds. Now we have Quantum Microscope, which has been making progress by leaps and bounds in the field of technology.

So now that the creation has been successful, it is possible to use the Quantum trick using light to make sure that the researchers can gain access to the view of the cell in great detail.

These are the living cells we are talking about. And with this Quantum mechanics microscope, they do not even harm or injure the cell at any level and in any manner.

All this is going to make a lot possible and open a lot of new doors in the field of microbiology and medicine. Since the light source is more strong than any of the other previous microscopes, this microscope is especially useful to look at the cells in more detail than ever has been done before.

Cells Can Be Examined In Details By Quantum Microscope
An artist’s impression of the University of Queensland’s new quantum microscope.

“Our understanding of life as it is now has relied almost entirely on the quality of our microscopes,” says Warwick Bowen at the University of Queensland in Australia. “We’re really limited by technology, and it’s not obvious how to break the existing limits because we’ve already pushed the intensity as high as we can without destroying the cell.”

The problem is solved using two laser light sources that can be squeezed together. This has made it possible to get a 35% sharper image than before.

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“In order to achieve this kind of measurement without quantum correlations, you’d have to turn the intensity up,” says Bowen.

“But if you turned up the intensity enough to match these results, you’d destroy the sample, so we’re able to examine things that previously would have been impossible to see.”