A Tennessee homeschooled adolescent who went missing in October has been located.


Please Help Find a Missing Homeschooled Teen from Tennessee!

More than two weeks have passed when Savannah Leigh Pruitt, a 14-year-old from Madisonville, Tennessee, vanished without a trace.

Savannah Leigh Pruitt 14 Missing

Multiple leads have been pursued by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in their search for her. Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have been called in to help with the probe.

The sheriff’s department wants everyone’s input on this mystery! They’ve never left a youngster alone for this long before, and it scares us, Monroe County Sheriff Tommy Jones said. The community’s input is invaluable.

Please call the sheriff’s office at (432) 442–3911 if you see Savannah or have any information regarding her whereabouts.

All available information indicates that Savannah’s parents last saw her on January 13. Christina Pruitt, the girl’s mother, told WJW that the 14-year-old was missing when she went to check on her the following morning.

WJW reports that Savannah’s cell phone made contact with a tower in Corbin, Kentucky, at around 5:15 a.m. EST on the day she was reported missing. Corbin is about 140 miles from Madisonville. Since that initial ping, though, her phone has been completely silent.

Savannah was reportedly homeschooled by her dad after the family relocated from Lawrenceville, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee in the winter. He continued by saying that neither he nor his wife believed she made an effort to return to their former house because she missed their rural Tennessee lifestyle.

On Friday, Savannah’s parents stated their daughter has a special connection to the animals on the family farm, particularly the horses, the raccoon, and the other farm

Christina has reported that Savannah’s three younger siblings are “heartbroken” and “don’t understand” what has happened to their older sister.

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The City of Savannah, Described

Savannah was said to weigh 110 pounds and 5 foot 3 inches tall. The sheriff’s office did not have a description of her attire, but she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Fill yaw said no suspects exist, but law enforcement is concealing information to safeguard the investigation.