Are you one of those cinephiles who is looking for platforms that allow its users to stream various TV shows and movies? Well, you have certainly come to the right article. Although, there are various platforms available out there that let their users stream content available on their platform but the so called ‘drawback’ they have is that to access the content available on them, one has to pay membership fees to access the content. To solve the issue where one does not have to pay anything and also access the content, with us we have a platform names SideReel.

SideReel is a platform that allows its users to stream various TV shows and movies from its huge collection of titles. The content is available in various languages so that the viewers have choices to choose from according to their convenience. Apart from TV shows and movies, one can also find a wide collection of web series also on the platform.

10 Best Sites like SideReel in 2021

Well, the issue with these types of sites that offer content for the viewers for free without charging them is that they face the threat of getting banned anytime over various issues like piracy and data related concerns leaving the users with no other option but to purchase the membership of the platforms that are still up and running.

To save that hard earned money and provide the viewers with other options that they can use, here we have a list of 10 best sites like SideReel that one can use to watch free TV shows, movies and web series online in 2021.

1. Watch Series

Starting with our list, the first one we have is Watch Series. As the name suggests, ‘Watch Series’ is a platform where one can watch series. Right! Jokes apart, it is a quite famous site amongst the community that the people use to stream TV shows and series. Actually, it does not store any content on its own servers.

The content is stored on third party servers so the users are redirected to another server whenever they select a show to stream. The content is updated regularly so that the users do not miss on any of the episodes or the new releases and the good thing about this site is that it is free to use so the users are not required to pay anything.

2. TVMuse

Continuing with our list, we have TVMuse. TVMuse is another great alternative to SideReel. It is a platform that offers users with the option to stream their favorite TV shows for free. Yes, you heard it correctly. It allows the users to stream content from its huge collection of titles for free without having to pay any kind of membership fees.

For the convenience of the users, the site has a navigation bar that is placed on the right side with sections named Home, TV listing, Movies, Request with ease and others. The TV shows are provided with a short description about them so the users are informed about the show they are watching so they can choose according their taste.

3. Tubi TV

The next one on our list is Tubi TV. Tubi TV is a good platform that the users can use to stream content movies, TV shows and series. This site has such a humongous collection of titles that it hosts around 12000+ titles which includes movies and other content types. It is completely safe to stream on this platform as it is a 100% legit platform so there is no issue of the site being banned over any concerns.

The platform also does not require the users to pay any kind of membership fees to access the content and neither do the users have to go through any kind of registration process which is a big relief for many people as they just have to hop on the site, select the title that they wish to stream and are just good to go without going through any of the formalities.

The content is also organized well into various categories like new releases and others making it convenient for the users to surf the platform and find the content easily.

4. ShareTV

Moving on with our list, we have Share TV. Share TV is another great platform that users can use to stream content like TV shows. The interface that it provides the users with is quite simple to understand and use.

The platform has such features that it provides the users with is that with the help of it the users can stay updated about the episodes release schedule knowing when to keep an eye for that release making it impossible to miss the episode. Being an official distributor of HULU, it allows the users to stream full-length episodes for free without paying a cent.

5. Hulu

The next one on our list is Hulu. Who does not know about Hulu? To those who do not know about it, Hulu is an American platform that is majorly owned by Walt Disney. It is also a very famous platform amongst the community that the people use to stream content various TV shows and series. One could easily find full seasons of the series and other shows that are running currently.

The platform is updated regularly so that the users have access to the new releases also. Although, one has to pay a minimum membership fee to access the content which is acceptable because of the premium quality content it provides the users with.


Continuing with our list, we have TV.COM. TV.COM is a streaming platform through which the users can stream various TV shows and series. If someone is in the mood for reading then they can also find News and other interesting articles on this platform to read apart from streaming. It also provides the users with a list of the titles that one can use to combat the dilemma of what to watch. Definitely, it is worth a try

7. FlixTor

Next one on our list is FlixTor. FlixTor is another famous platform that people use to stream movies and shows online. Apart from streaming online, this site also allows the users to download content which they can use for offline viewing.

The collection of the title that this platform has is huge which leaves the users with a good amount of choices. The interface is also very simple to use and understand. Once someone starts to stream on this platform, they would get the hang of it easily and wouldn’t look for another.


Moving on with our list, we have CBS TV. CBS TV is another alternative that people can use for SideReels. It allows people to stream content like movies, shows. Apart from TV series, it also hosts short web-based series. The interface is also pretty simple and easy to use. Also, this site is free to use.

9. USTV Now

The next on our list is USTV Now. One can use this platform to stream TV shows and series. It also allows the users to stream live TV shows too. The interface is simple and also this platform is free to use.

10. FOX Television Shows

Last but not the least, we have Fox Television Shows. It is another great choice to consider which allows the users to stream TV series for free. The platform has content organized into various genres like entertainment and other categories that the users can stream according to their taste. Surely, it is worth a visit.


I hope this article helps the people reading it to find good alternatives which they can use to stream their favorite content. Thank you for reading through.