If you are using Windows 10 for a long time and one day, “The Audio Service is not running” text display, and audio is not working.

The error message is produced by Windows troubleshooter, which is generally run when you are predicting issues with the sound system of your device. This error text means that your sound device is insensitive due to which it isn’t responding to Windows.

Many Windows users have experienced and unceasingly affecting by this particular issue where the Sound icon in the Taskbar, the one that provides a volume slider when clicked on and volume can be adjusted, gets a little cross sign on the bottom of the right side.

When the windows users get effected by sound problems in their taskbar, they usually see a text appear on the screen- “The Audio Service is not running”.

The Audio Service is Not Running

This issue is usually seen in Windows 7, the most successful succession of the Windows Operating System. However, other versions of the Windows Operating System are also occasionally affected by such an issue.

Although there is a cross (X) sign on the taskbar and their computer’s audio service is shown to be as “The Audio Service is not running”, almost every Windows user affected by this issue can successfully play the audio on their personal computer.

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How to Fix The Audio Service is Not Running in Windows 10

This is a very common lapse and generally transpires when you update your Windows. There are few circumventions by which we can assure that audio services are running as expected and drivers are updated to their latest version.

In almost all cases, the cause of this trouble is the Windows Audio Service or one of its dependencies (to keep running the previous services). The services either halt involuntarily for any reason or not able to restart intrinsically when you boot your computer and trigger the text “The Audio Service is not running”.

Mostly users Restart their computer to prevent this annoying error message. However, this is not a convenient method to encounter such an issue every time. Don’t be worried if you have to confront Windows Audio Service trouble.

Despite the fact, there exist more permanent methods to encounter the irritating “The Audio Service is not running” problem. Here are some possible methods to get out of rid this problem:

Solution 1: Simply increase or decrease your computer’s volume

Fervent Windows users who have faced the trouble error text “The Audio Service is not running” have been able to fix this issue by simply adjusting their computer’s volume either increase or decrease.

Many of the users get rid of this problem by adjusting their computer’s volume, even the imperceptible ledge. To get the solution to this trouble, you can use the following steps:

Step 1: Firstly, click on the Sound icon in your Taskbar. Then, a volume slider will appear on the screen by which you can adjust the volume of your computer either by increasing or decreasing.

Step 2: Afterwards, either increase or decrease the volume of your computer slightly by the volume slider that consequently appeared on the screen.

Step 3: Finally, by using the above steps, the cross sign on the Sound icon in your Taskbar should immediately disappear on the screen. Thus, your Windows should be running, and you should no longer view the text error “The Audio Service is not running” on your computer when you levitate your mouse pointer on it.

Has your problem been solved? If not, try another method.

Solution 2: Restart the Windows Audio Service and all of its dependencies

Another highly constructive elucidation of this trouble is to Restart the Windows Services and two or three of its dependencies or reliance. The dependence services should be started automatically when you boot up your computer. You can use these following steps to alter the settings:

Step 1: Firstly, Press the Window key and R key together (Window key + R) and type services.msc in the prompt run box. Then click OK to save it.

Step 2: Further, locate and double click the following services one by one. Then, under Resource Function Discovery Publication Properties, select General and expand Startup Type. Set and keep Startup type to Automatic and click OK to save the changes.

  • Windows Audio Service
  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Service
  • Multimedia Class Scheduler Service

Step 3: After that, click right on the following services:

  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Service
  • Multimedia Class Scheduler Service
  • Windows Audio Service

Step 4: Finally, click the Restart option in the ensued context menus and restart your computer.

The Cross (X) sign on the Sound icon in your Taskbar should disappear shortly when the dependence services have been restarted, and you will no longer be able to see the error text “The Audio Service is not running”.Check whether the issue is resolved, If not, try another method.

Solution 3: Changing Log-On Settings

For some instances, the services might be permitted you to Log-on into a particular account. However, they might not be configured to Log-on your particular user account. Therefore, you have to change your Log-on settings. You can follow these steps to change the Log-on settings:

Step 1: At first, press the Windows key and R key together (Windows key + R), then the Run prompt will open.

Step 2: Afterwards, type services.msc in the run prompt and click OK. Then, hit the Enter button.

Step 3: After that, navigate the mouse pointer and click right on the Windows Audio service.

Step 4: Now, under Windows Audio Properties, click on the Log-on tab and then choose the Local System Account option, Instead of the This account option.

Step 5: Further, you have to check if the trouble is persisted.

Step 6: Furthermore, If the issue is not persisted, check the This Account option, and in the text box, type Local Services.

Step 7: After that, type any password and confirm the password of your choice in the given fields.

Step 8: Now, click on the Apply option and then click OK to save the changes.

Step 9: Finally, check to see whether the issue is persisted after completing these steps.

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You have to ensure whether the sound is properly working in safe mode or not to eliminate any third-party intervention. We hope that one of these methods will help you fix the irritating issue “The Audio Service is not running” error text on Windows 10.