The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid debit card that can be an essential tool for managing your finances. This reloadable card offers the convenience of a credit card, without the possibility of racking up debt.

Plus, it provides many of the benefits that come with a Walmart visit, such as cashback rewards for purchases made at Walmart stores and on their website.

To start enjoying these features, you need to activate your Walmart MoneyCard, which can be done swiftly and securely at


Walmart Com Activate


How to Activate Walmart Money Card With Activate

This article will provide you with a detailed, SEO-optimized walkthrough of how to activate your card on different devices.

Activating Your Walmart MoneyCard Online

Step 1: Visit the Activation Website Begin by opening your web browser and navigating to This page is the hub for initiating the activation process of your Walmart MoneyCard.

Step 2: Enter Your Personal Information You’ll need to enter your personal details, including your card number, expiration date, and security code, which can be found on the card itself. Additionally, provide your Social Security number to verify your identity.

Step 3: Create an Online Account If you’re a new user, you’ll be prompted to create an online account. Choose a username and password that you’ll use for future logins. This account will allow you to manage your card, view your balance, and track your spending.

Step 4: Confirm Your Email As part of the account creation process, you’ll need to confirm your email address. Check your email inbox for a confirmation message from Walmart MoneyCard and click the verification link.

Activating Your Walmart MoneyCard via Mobile App

Step 1: Download the App For those who prefer managing their finances on-the-go, download the Walmart MoneyCard app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2: Launch the App and Enter Details Open the app and tap on “Register New Card.” Input your card details — the number, expiration date, and CVV.

Step 3: Set Up Access Just like online, you’ll need to set up an account. Follow the prompts to create your login credentials and set up a PIN for your card.

Step 4: Verify Identity Confirm your identity within the app by providing the necessary information, such as your Social Security number, to comply with federal regulations.

Walmart MoneyCard Activation Plans

Basic Plan

Activation Fee: There’s no cost to activate the Walmart MoneyCard online.

Monthly Maintenance Fee: The basic plan may come with a standard monthly fee. However, this can be waived when you load a specific monthly amount, keeping your card cost-effective.

ATM Transactions: Access to ATMs for withdrawals, with a fee applicable after the free transactions included in your plan.

Reload Fee: Reloading your card may incur a fee, but there are ways to add money to your card for free, like direct deposit or Walmart Check Cashing.

Cash Back Rewards Plan

Special Features: This plan is an upgrade on the basic, as it offers cash back on purchases made at Walmart, including 3% on, 2% at Walmart fuel stations, and 1% at Walmart stores, up to a specific annual maximum.

Monthly Fee: Similar to the basic plan but with the added benefit of earning cash back that can offset this fee.

Direct Deposit Benefits: Enabling direct deposit may increase the speed of fund availability and may also qualify for the waiving of the monthly fee.

Family Accounts Plan

Additional Cards: Option to add family members to your account, giving them their own cards that are connected to the main account.

Management Features: Set limits and monitor the spending on each card through the online account or mobile app.

Monthly Fee: Similar structure to the individual plan, with the added feature of managing multiple users.

Premium Plan (if available)

Enhanced Cash Back: Some premium plans might offer higher rates of cash back rewards or additional categories for earning rewards.

Advanced Security Features: Additional layers of security might be included, such as identity theft protection services.

Reduced Fees: Lower fees for ATM withdrawals, foreign transactions, or reload services.

Benefits of Activating Your Walmart MoneyCard

Cashback Rewards: Earn cashback on Walmart purchases.

Direct Deposit: Get your paycheck or government benefits up to two days early.

Online Bill Pay: Use your card to pay bills online.

Money Management: Track your spending with the mobile app.


Activating your Walmart MoneyCard is a straightforward process, whether you do it online or via the mobile app. Once activated, the card is a powerful financial tool that offers the convenience of a credit card while allowing you to control your spending efficiently.

With no overdraft fees and cashback rewards on Walmart purchases, the Walmart MoneyCard is an excellent choice for savvy shoppers and budget-conscious consumers alike.

Remember, for any assistance during the activation process, you can always reach out to Walmart MoneyCard Customer Service for help. With your card activated, you’re all set to take control of your financial health and maximize your savings with every Walmart purchase.