English Roses, a children’s picture book written by American singer Madonna, was released on September 15, 2003. More than half a million copies of Madonna’s books for kids have been sold in fifty different countries. Shops all around the country sold copies of it.

“The English Roses” has captured the imaginations of many since its release. Written by the iconic pop star, Madonna, it offers a tale of friendship, understanding, and growth. Whether you’re looking to purchase a copy, curious about the lifespan of the English rose, or pondering over the book’s reading level, this article will provide a detailed insight.

Which Musician Wrote the Children's Picture Book "The English Roses"?

“The English Roses” is not just a whimsical tale for children; it’s a literary work that carries messages of friendship, jealousy, and acceptance. Penned by the iconic Madonna, this book has traversed borders, reaching children in 42 different languages.

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Story Behind The Book: English Roses’ Story Centres Around Five Girls.

Amy, Grace, Charlotte, and Nicole. Later Bina (the crucial character of the story) became a part of the story. However, the other four English roses never failed to concoct wicked plans against her.

The author talks about her life challenges in this book and makes people understand the false perception Moreover, it was nothing as they imagined but the opposite of it. Binah almost does everything from cooking to cleaning and barely gets time for herself.

How did the English Rose Girl Look Like?

The English rose is the name given to the fairy in “The Fairies of the Summer” who looks like a wild rose, as noted by the book’s professional writing team. She happens to be one of the garden’s resident Flower Fairies.

A little girl is depicted in this children’s picture book as a beautiful young woman, complete with blond hair, fair skin, rosy cheeks, and a full pink wardrobe. She has the look of a royal princess and is shown as a beautiful young woman. Not only that, however she flutters around on pink butterfly wings.

What does it Even Mean that it’s Called the English Rose?

According to the common definition of the term, a “English rose” is a stunningly attractive woman or girl who is associated with England and its culture.

This statement, however, makes a nod to English culture by referencing the rose, the country’s national flower. The rose has been a cultural emblem in England for centuries. Thanks for reading our article Which Musician Wrote the Children’s Picture Book “The English Roses”?

The Author Behind the Magic: Madonna

Madonna, primarily known for her music and influence in the pop culture domain, showcased her talent as a writer with “The English Roses.” This was her debut in the world of children’s literature, and she managed to touch hearts with her insightful narrative.

Diving into the Characters

The story revolves around five girls living in London: Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, Grace, and Binah. These characters, each with their distinct personalities, navigate the complexities of friendship and the trials and tribulations of school life.

Binah, in particular, is central to the storyline, as her life and circumstances become the focal point of the girls’ journey from jealousy to understanding and acceptance.

The Theme of Acceptance and Understanding

One of the standout messages of “The English Roses” is the lesson of not judging a book by its cover. The story unravels the misconceptions the girls have about Binah and teaches a valuable lesson about understanding and embracing differences.

A Global Reach: Translated into 42 Languages

The universal themes of friendship, acceptance, and understanding made “The English Roses” a favorite among children and adults alike. Recognizing its global appeal, the book was translated into 42 languages, making it accessible to children from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Symbolism in the Book

The English rose, a symbol of beauty and elegance, plays a pivotal role in the narrative. It not only represents the bond of friendship between the girls but also the beauty that lies within each one of them, waiting to be acknowledged and appreciated.

The Captain of the English Roses

While the book doesn’t have a character explicitly referred to as the “captain,” the dynamics between the girls and their collective journey to understanding can be seen as a metaphorical voyage, with each girl leading the way at different points in the narrative.

Publishing and Reception

“The English Roses” was published by Callaway Arts & Entertainment. The book received acclaim not only for its engaging narrative but also for its illustrations, done by Jeffrey Fulvimari, which added depth and color to Madonna’s words.

The English Roses Price

The price of “The English Roses” can vary based on several factors, including the edition, the retailer, and the condition of the book. As of the latest update, the hardcover edition typically ranges between $10 to $20.

However, prices can vary, especially for collector’s editions or signed copies. It’s always recommended to compare prices across various reputable online platforms to find the best deal.

Reading Level of “The English Roses”

“The English Roses” is primarily targeted towards middle-grade readers, making it suitable for ages 8 to 12. However, the book’s themes of friendship, jealousy, and acceptance have a universal appeal, making it a delightful read for both younger children and adults alike.

Purchasing “The English Roses” Online

For those looking to add “The English Roses” to their collection, there are several online platforms where you can find the book:

  1. Amazon: One of the largest online retailers, you can find both new and used copies here. Additionally, they often offer Kindle editions for those preferring digital reading.
  2. Barnes & Noble: This well-known bookstore also offers online purchasing options for “The English Roses.”
  3. Book Depository: Offering free worldwide shipping, it’s a great option for international readers.
  4. Local Bookstores: Many local independent bookstores have online ordering systems, supporting them while obtaining your copy can be a win-win.
  5. eBay: If you’re looking for collector’s editions or signed copies, eBay might be a place to check.

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In Conclusion

“The English Roses” is more than just a children’s book. It’s a testament to the fact that understanding, acceptance, and friendship are universal themes that resonate with every heart, irrespective of age or background. With Madonna’s lyrical prose and the vibrant illustrations, it’s no wonder that the book has become a classic in children’s literature.