A very common issue mostly encountered by Windows users especially Windows 10 users is the Error Code 0x8007000d. If you have installed windows 10 and encountered this error, you might be surfing for a solution here and there. We have some easy solutions for you. It will help you to cope up with Error Code 0x8007000D. But before that take a look at what the error is and what is the cause for this.

Error Code 0x8007000D occurs when downloading some critical updates you are unable to download it. Some may face a problem of the update not going to completion. The reason for this error is mostly corrupted or missing files. Sometimes it may be due to damaged drivers. Whatever the cause may be, the given problem can be fixed easily.

Error Code 0x8007000D in Windows 10


How to Fix Error Code 0x8007000D in Windows 10

Below are given three most suited methods to fix the Error Code 0x8007000D in Windows 10.

Solution 1 ⇒ Use Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 10 update troubleshooter can help to fix the Error Code 0x8007000D. For using windows troubleshooter, follow given steps:

Step 1 ⇒ Go to the control panel. Then select system and security.

Step 2 ⇒ In system and security select update troubleshooter. Then click on the option Fix problems with Windows Update.

Step 3 ⇒ Go to the advanced tab and click the Run as administrator. Select the Apply repairs automatically checkbox.

The troubleshooter will automatically fix the 0x8007000D in Windows 10 issues with your system update and fix it.

Solution 2 ⇒ Whip Up Some Commands

Command Prompt is a command-line interpreter application. You can whip up some commands by following given steps

Step 1 ⇒ Go to the search bar of your system and type cmd. It will result in a command prompt on the display.

Step 2 ⇒ Right-click on the prompt and select Run as administrator option.

Step 3 ⇒ Copy and paste the following command. Then, press Enter to execute it. Wait for as long as it takes to complete.

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

Step 4: After the previous command is done, copy and paste this one, press Enter, and wait till it completes.

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

When the command is finished running, close the command prompt. Restart your computer and try to download the update again, see if the update is completed.



Hopefully, the above three methods help you to fix the 0x8007000D error code on windows while downloading the windows updates.