This error code is one of the general error codes for windows users. Mostly, it occurs in cases with the involvement of Microsoft office activation, data access, system update or even windows store app installation etc.

This error code should not be taken lightly or should not be taken lightly or should not be ignored, otherwise at last your apps can become inaccessible. If you’re a Windows user, chances are you’ve come across a variety of error codes.


One such error code, which can be particularly vexing, is 0x8007005. This alphanumeric code might seem cryptic, but by the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what it means, what causes it, and its relation to OneDrive.


What Does 0x8007005 Mean?

The 0x8007005 error code is commonly referred to as an “Access Denied” error. This essentially means that a certain operation in Windows was not permitted due to insufficient permissions. It can occur during various operations such as updating Windows, installing software, or accessing specific files.

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What Causes the 0x8007005 Error in Windows?

Several reasons can trigger this error in a Windows environment:

  1. Insufficient Permissions: One of the most common causes. This happens when a user or a system process tries to access a file or a service without the required permissions.
  2. Corrupted System Files: Damaged or missing system files can hinder operations, leading to the 0x8007005 error.
  3. Registry Issues: Errors or corruptions in the Windows registry can result in this error code.
  4. Malware or Virus Infections: Malicious software can modify system permissions or damage system files, leading to the error.
  5. Software Conflicts: Sometimes, third-party software, especially security or antivirus software, can interfere with certain operations, causing this error.

How To Fix Error 0x8007005?

Sometimes there is data loss, or system crashes and can slow down. But there is nothing to worry about as we have listed workable solutions according to your problems.

Method 1: Use Windows Update Troubleshooter

There is a specific tool provided by Microsoft, for troubleshooting problems with windows updates. It’s very simple to use. steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to settings by right-clicking on start.

Step 2: Click on update and security.

Step 3: select troubleshoot, which is in the left pane.

Step 4: Tap on additional troubleshooters.

Step 5: Click on windows update, and then on “run the troubleshooter”.

Method 2: Perform a Clean Boot In Windows

Clean boot is one of the troubleshooting techniques that helps in identifying the service which is causing trouble in your system. It refers to setting up windows in a way that will start with minimum numbers of drivers and applications.

This is useful when there is some conflict or some apps and services are blocking your windows update. Steps for performing clean boot are as follows:

Step 1: First open system configuration, by clicking windows + r typing MSConfig there and entering it.

Step 2: After it open ups, go to the services tab.

Step 3: Then just click on “Hide all Microsoft services”. It will disable the rest of the services. All the services which are imp. To the operating system which gets hidden.

Step 4: Tap on “disable all”, for disabling all the services, so that they cant interfere with update furthermore.

Step 5: Now go to task manager, and then to the startup tab. Now it’s the time for startup processes. Click on the startup tab, present in system configuration. And then tap on the open task manager link, by doing so you will directly reach to task manager startup tab.

Step 6: Disable startup processes, and keep in mind to disable every item listed there. You can do this, by launching a start-up process and tapping on disable.

Step 7: Your computer will get ready for a clean boot, after restarting it. so, restart it.

Step 8: Lastly, retry all updates and check whether you can update your pc now or not.

Method 3: Restore Windows Functionality After Performing a Clean Boot

If your problem got fixed by clean boot or doesn’t get, it is essential for you to reactive the services and starts up processes of your windows. So that can function without issues in future. You can do so by below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open system configuration. and for refreshing your computer you can tap on windows + r on your keyboard and by typing Mscongfig.

Step 2: Make sure to select the normal startup option.

Step 3: Now, go to the services tab and hide all services provided by Microsoft . for this, uncheck the box present at bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Open the task manager by clicking on the link, present on the startup tab.

Step 5: At last by clicking on enable, you can enable all start-up processes of your choice and restart your computer.

Finally, you are safe, and hopefully, your windows update was performed successfully.

Method 4: Clear Cache To Fix Error code 0x 80070005 in Microsoft Store

It is seen that most of the time Microsoft stores messes up in process of storing the cache. And this can lead to a series of strange behaviours in the system and one of these is error 0x8007005.

For this you need to clean the cache, followings are the step for this:

Step 1: Press Windows key + r, keyboard hotkey.

Step 2: Then type WSReset.exe, and tap on entering.

Step 3: The were sett tool will reset your Microsoft store. And your accounts setting will remain unchanged and neither of your installed apps will be deleted.

Step 4: You will see that a command prompt will itself appear and close up when tro completes.

Now your Microsoft cache is cleared. you just have to reboot your computer and see whether the problem is still there or is gone.

Method 5: Change The Proxy Settings To Fix Error Code 0x8007005 

What happens many times, is that proxy connections cause problems. If this happens with you, you can disable the proxy connection anytime and check whether it makes any difference or not. Below are given the steps for this method:

Step 1: Firstly, open internet explorer.

Step 2: Click on tools, you will find its icon resembling a box in the corner.

Step 3: Then, from the drop-down menu choose internet options.

Step 4: Navigate to connection tabs. And then tap on the tab that you will find at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Use a proxy server for your LAN.

Step 6: At last click on ok and leave the settings.

We hope that your problem got solved by one of the methods mentioned above in the article, by any chance problem ts then, check whether your date and time. whether they are correctly set up.

Error Code 0x8007005 in OneDrive:

OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, is not immune to the 0x8007005 error. When it appears in relation to OneDrive, it usually signifies a synchronization issue. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Sync Conflicts: If OneDrive tries to sync a file or folder for which it doesn’t have the required permissions, this error might pop up.
  2. Corrupted OneDrive Configuration: Sometimes, the OneDrive software itself can have corrupted files or configurations, leading to the error.
  3. Incorrect Account Permissions: If you’re logged into OneDrive with an account that doesn’t have the right permissions to access certain files or folders, you can encounter this error.

Resolving the 0x8007005 Error:

Depending on where and how the error occurs, there are various potential solutions:

  1. Run As Administrator: Ensure you’re running processes, especially updates or installations, with administrative privileges.
  2. Check File/Folder Permissions: Ensure that the file or folder you’re trying to access has the correct permissions set.
  3. System File Checker: Use Windows’ built-in System File Checker tool to scan and repair corrupted system files.
  4. Disable Conflicting Software: If you suspect a third-party software is causing the error, consider disabling it temporarily to check.
  5. For OneDrive Issues: Consider relogging into your OneDrive account, ensuring you have the correct permissions, or reinstalling OneDrive.

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Error 0x80070005 is a very common error and can show up at so many places. In this article, we saw the places where we can deal with this problem and all the methods how to deal with them.

Errors like 0x8007005 can initially seem perplexing, but with a bit of understanding and troubleshooting, they can be resolved. By recognizing the root cause of such errors and applying the appropriate solutions, you can ensure a smoother Windows and OneDrive experience.