Nowadays, the online streaming culture is increasing every day bit by bit. For that, we are responsible. People are appreciating and learning to acknowledge movies and new content.

Out of all categories, Anime is growing more today than it has grown ever. People have started understanding that culture. It is a very different form of a movie. Everything is created and animated, yet we could all feel what they want to convey. This indicates nothing but brilliant art creation.

Now coming to 9Anime. It is one of the best Anime streaming websites. The site is designed efficiently and everything i.e., every tab is placed in its perfect position. The search box is placed at the top. The favorite movie or content can be searched quickly with this.

These movies are also classified. There is a separate genre section that has a complete list of all the movies which fall under the same category. The advanced filters like, genre, season, year, quality, type, status, language is available that improves your quality of browsing.

9 Best Alternatives of 9Anime in 2023

However, in this fast-running world, everything is possible. It is also possible for such a popular site to not work sometimes. Hence, we should straight away understand the necessary alternatives to 9Anime:

1. KissAnime

Without any doubt, KissAnime tops the list. The site has a good collection of movies that are widely favorite of maximum people. Users are allowed to watch movies free of cost. They are allowed to watch movies as many times as they wanted them to watch.

Browsing through the page, you will come across the anime list section, where all of those anime contents are enlisted. The movies can be chosen either alphabetically or by name. There are multiple genres that KissAnime covers. That includes Action, Adventure, Cars, Cartoons, Comedy, Dementia, Demons, Historical, etc.

2. AnimeFreak

Coming to the next alternative now. Animefreak is the second site that comes to mind. As the name suggests, it is a perfect site for anime lovers. This is also an online movie streaming website where you can stream movies free of cost.

This site is popular for its unique distinguishable feature. Animefreak provides dubbed anime, which is rarely available on any site. There are additional features like the watchlist, where you can particularly mark your favorite movies and watch them later. Animefreak also comes with a good and easy-to-understand interface, that is pretty clear to everyone.

3. GoGoAnime

If you are an anime lover, you have surely heard of GoGoAnime. It was one of the old anime sites that are providers of English Anime for a long. The fan base it has is because of this only. There are a large number of people who admire anime content. But there are more people, who admire those contents in English.

Hence, this site is particularly suited for those audiences. The other website features include the addition of short crisp description that interests the audience to watch the particular content. Other than that, they have different genres, duration of the content, quality of streaming, critics rating, and many more. A very interesting facility here is allowing the user the rate the watched content.

4. AnimeDoor

If one is looking for a large amount of anime content, then Anime Door is surely one of the right choices. There are numerous anime contents that are accessible by the user freely. There are no additional charges imposed on the user that is needed to stream movies.

The categorization is a bit different here. Here we have, Latest anime, Popular anime, the oldest anime, Anime movies. Selecting the desired category would take us straight away to the page of the selected choice. You will come across numerous options of movie choices from which you can pick your favorite one.

5. AnimeLab

There are many websites that are providers of superior quality content. AnimeLab is one of them. It has features similar to Anime Door. However, it has its own charm and interesting points as well. AnimeLab also has a premium anime selection that purposely includes new and popular anime content.

Moreover, the user gets the authority to stream the content in any of the streaming devices like Xbox One, PlayStation, Samsung Tv, Telstra TV, Apple TV, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Sony TV, Blu-Ray, Android Phones, Tablets, Google Chromecast and PC.

6. AnimeSeason

If we are talking about excellent anime sites then it would be a sin to leave AnimeSeason out of the list. It is one of the best alternatives to 9Anime. AnimeSeason allows smooth online streaming, completely free of cost. It provides a massive collection of content. This can easily be filtered by genres like action, adventure, comedy, drama, historical, etc.

This covers almost all movies that are released. The quality of streaming is nice and easy. The interface is user-friendly. Hardly any technical issues are encountered with this. As usual, like the other sites, this site also has an efficient filter and sorting option where you get an anime list that can be accessed easily in an alphabetical manner.

7. MyAnimeList

We are almost coming to the end of the list. We will now talk about MyAnimeList. This website has a good overall arrangement and a huge collection of anime. The anime is stored properly with properly arranged episodes. The site also provides additional insight into each content. There is information regarding the plot of anime, the characters built, and voice-over actors.

This makes the understanding of the anime better for the user. An additional feature is also there on the website. MyAnimeList has its own community, where one can register. Here, the user gets many blog posts, articles, and content about a particular anime or anime topic.

The site is somewhat different from other sites. It has its own charm and perfectly build the interface to capture user’s hearts. Not only these, other than these features it has a separate manga section as well. The legit anime fans will surely fall in love with this site and its wonderful features

8. ChiaAnime

Then there is ChiaAnime. Chia Anima is also a very popular anime streaming website with essential features that pulls many numbers of audiences to it. Like all other sites, Chia Anima also provides anime streaming for free.

The sites hold a massive number of anime and cartoons collections. These are regularly updated such that the new contents are never missed. The good point of using ChiaAnime is that it provides plenty of servers that allow the user smooth and hindrance-free streaming.

9. Crunchyroll

Coming to the end of this long list, we have Crunchyroll with is. Crunchyroll can be called simply the best of all. This site ensures free streaming of anime content. The sites hold a strong interface that attracts viewers continuously towards it.

There are ample contents that keep the user engaged throughout. However, Crunchyroll also comes with a premium version. This has the best features. One who is a hard-core anime lover and is a regular anime watcher should surely check the essential features of it.


If we are watching content, then we should watch nothing but the best. The watching not only depends on the content of the storyline, but it also depends on where we watch it. A movie watched on the big screen or theatres looks good 50% for the big frames only. This is true, in the case of online movie and content streaming also.

Hence a good interface and an efficient quality video player is necessary. This is particularly true for anime as well. This is so as they are the contents that are not perceived by many due its different forms and language.

Hence, the streaming features become an essential factor here. The list above provides well-liked websites that can serve perfectly as alternatives to 9Anime. We hope that somehow it will help you.