U.S.-listed electric car start-up Li Auto reported more deliveries than Xpeng in June, putting the latter in last place for the month among a closely followed trio of Chinese automakers. On the last Friday of last month, it delivered 7,713 units of its only model on the market, the Li-One SUV.

The Chinese Start-Up was very happy because the figure was a record of a new monthly high that they have experienced. Li-One is more of a hybrid since it comes with a fuel tank to charge the battery and extend the driving range.

Xpeng said its deliveries for June also set a monthly record, at 6,565 vehicles. The company said the majority of deliveries were for its P7 sedan versus its G3 SUV.

Chinese Electric Car Start-up Delivers Over 1,000 More Cars Than Xpeng

On Thursday, Nio, which is one of the other start-up and the mostly new delivering company, said deliveries for June reached 8,083 cars — also a monthly record. That brought the second-quarter total near the high end of Nio’s forecast.

Nio has always been ranking first among the three U.S.-listed Chinese electric car start-ups by monthly deliveries, while Xpeng has typically taken second place. But now it seems that the scene is changing a little too much. The company Li Auto has now taken second place on the list.

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Xpeng’s drop to third place in June comes as the New York Stock Exchange-listed company is set to launch a “dual primary listing” on July 7 in Hong Kong that could raise as much as $2 billion.

Despite ranking third in June by monthly deliveries, Xpeng exceeded the high end of its second-quarter guidance by nearly 1,400 vehicles.

An Alternative to Tesla’s Self-Driving Vehicle Is Now Available From Xpeng

In an effort to compete with Tesla’s self-driving software, Chinese smart electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng has introduced an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that enables its vehicles to drive autonomously through urban environments. It’s the first time a Chinese automaker has introduced a fully autonomous vehicle for use in urban areas.

Through OTA updates, owners of certain Xpeng P5 cars equipped with lidar sensors can gain access to city navigation guided pilot (NGP) software. The company located in Guangzhou said on September 18 that their vehicles are capable of autonomous operation in congested urban regions.

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Co-founder and CEO He Xiaopeng stated in a statement, “Xpeng is spearheading a strategic plan to expand ADAS deployment scenarios from covered highways and parking lots to much more complicated city driving environment, delivering our consumers greater safety and an optimal driving experience.”

This, however, is only the beginning of what Xpeng has to offer. In October of last year, XPeng unveiled the design for their concept flying automobile, which is scheduled for release in 2024.