Games are the best kind of recreational activity in the modern world. They include physical as well as a mental exercise. On the other hand, it also works as a fun element to our daily stressful lives. No matter what age group the person belongs to, these can be enjoyed by every person.

Online gaming is becoming one of the latest trends in today’s life. You get to interact with your friends and players all around the globe. Moreover, they keep you engaged in a most entertaining manner. Players also spend in games to earn various rewards.

However, Gaming also makes a person mind sharper as they involve lots of brain-teasing In the virtual world, there are loads of games available which can be played online. One such top-rated and popular game is Corruption of Champions (COC).

It is a text-based flash game. The game story focuses on a village where every year a Champion is declared for a battle with the demons to protect the king. However, there are many amazing games like Corruption of Champions. Let’s have a look at such games.


Top 10 Games Like Corruption of Champions

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1. The Poor

The poor is a game like Corruption of Champions. Like COC, it is a virtual text-based game. Players can enjoy performing various tasks to gain points and communicating and chatting with players all over the world. The game has quite easy controls.

Beginners can easily set their hands on the game. Sound quality is amazing. It gives a real-life sound experience when connected with good quality headphones. Overall the game is pretty exciting. Also, it is well compatible with windows operatives.

2. Flexible Survival

Flexible survival is an exciting game and the best alternative to Corruption of Champions. This text-based game is a survival game based on a storyline that goes back to 2008.In the game, a player must keep himself safe from the virus outbreak in his city.

New quests are launched and updated from time to time to keep the game interesting. It is a game of exploration. According to the gameplay, a player gets different endings every time he survives or gets infected. However, before starting one must read the guide to understand the concepts of the game.

3. My Very Own Lith

My Very Own Lith commonly known as MVOL is an interesting and engaging text based flash game. Just as its name suggests, the game revolves around a cat named Lith. Players get to interact with Lith and the further game continues on the basis of player’s interaction.

The game lets a player build a relationship with Lith. They can flirt talk seduce and change their clothes according to their desires. Moreover, players are allowed to do any type of customizations in the cat’s character.

The graphics are amazingly featured in the game. The only thing to be aware of is its adult content. The graphics of the game is based on 18+ content.

4. Fall Of Eden

Fall Of Eden Is the most interesting game like Corruption of Champions. This game is based on a supernatural theme. Hence, its theme is what made it unique and attractive. The graphics of the game are finely animated.

Various customizations are available in the game as per a player’s requirements. The game is based on a storyline where a player explores a new place. While discovering the place, the player encounters a gateway between the hell and the heaven.

Continuing with the way, the player requests for help. The character of goddesses queen Aria is designed to provide help. One can enjoy completing adventurous tasks, exploring, and even customizing one’s character based on his preferences.

5. Kingdom Of Loathing

Kingdom of loathing is one of the interesting and easily customizable games available online. The game is based on fighting several battles with demons and monsters. A player earns battle and Various rewards for defeating as many monsters as possible.

The game can be played in two modes: multiplayer and a single mode. In multiplayer mode, players can build their own team and get going with the battles. The game can be customized easily and played online on a browser. There is no particular need of downloading the app.

6. Free Cities

Free Cities Is a text based slavery management game. The game was started as a project and the gameplay was designed similar to Corruption of Champions. There is no necessary requirements of downloading it. Players can also play the game online on a browser. The game is an adult game and requires permission to be 18 plus.

The major downfall of the game is its unavailability to provide character customisations as per player’s requirements. However, the game turns out interesting when a player starts completing the tasks and earning points.

7. Cypher : Cyberpunk Adventures

This game is a famous text based video game that is similar to corruption of champions. The game was released in 2012, by the Cabrera brothers. The graphics of the games are super attractive. The video and audio quality is what makes it popular. The game is played in single-player mode. It is a very well designed game

8. Trials In Tainted Space

Trials In Tainted Space Is an online text-based hentai game. It is an erotic game developed by Fenoxo. The graphics of the game are pretty cool. The storyline of the game revolves around the character whose father was deceased.

The player has to complete the accomplishment missions and explore the variety of planets, ships, and satellites. The game provides an option for character customization. Players can also communicate in the game.

In the game, each player gets a different gaming experience which is based on their approach to various in-game situations.

9. Gift Of Phallius2: The Key To Eternity

This game cannot be played online. It needs to be downloaded in order to get started. The game involves erotic stuff and is advised only to 18 plus users The game revolves around a 14-year-old girl, Princess Dalia. The video game is developed in two versions.

One is the text mode and the other includes the multimedia mode. Character customizations are available in the game. The audio quality gives you a real-life feel to your gaming experience.

You can earn various rewards end gaming points as you move forward in the game. The game also includes various levels at which the game gets tougher. You can also make in game purchases to unlock various elements of the game.

10. Carnal Souls

Carnal Souls Is one of the RPG game which provides various combat modes. It is an adult game and loved by those who like lustful gaming videos. This game involves well framed storyline and cool graphics.

Players can also customise their characters as per their desires. You can unlock stories, earn points and treasures and also fight enemies like a warrior. One of the unique element of the game is that you can even seduce the devils.

The storyline revolves around an open world containing large cities, ruins and caves where you can use various tactics to burn or destroy the enemy using spells and one can even seduce them.

By completing the quests, one can even earn titles and nicknames for their characters. As you move forward in the game various artwork collections get added as your progress.

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Final Words

Games are a source of entertainment and fun. They take you away from stress and boredom. Ultimately they keep you engaged in a most amazing way. Furthermore, such RPG games improve your gaming experience and let you interact.

These RPG games are similar to Corruption of Champions. Adding to this, players can enjoy the different themes and genres of these games. There are many more RPG games that are available online. We suggest you definitely try our list of ‘games like COC.’